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Bubble half burst

Quelle surprise! Oil Can Boyd pitched while "high!"


Well, damn. There goes anothah childhood role model.


Christ, next somebody's gonna tell me JFK was deflowering teenage interns in the White House.


Speaking of tendah young shoots, I've seen my first metaphorical crocus of the late wintah...


Dave Pinto opines:

"... if Sweeney, Buchholz and Aceves could be one win [above] replacement value, the Red Sox will be in solid contention, rather than on the bubble."


Yeah, but beware the caveat: "If injuries cause Boston to at some point go with Dice-K and Miller for any stretch, I think the team is in trouble."


Injuries? On this club with its crackah jack medical staff? Get the fuck out.



words cannot express the emptiness that the characters' brilliant dialog brings to me.
You're Welcome

I need help from the creepy commenter contingent. I've made the finals of the cartoon caption contest in my local paper. Please click through and vote for Finally, somebody who understands...

If you don't think that is the funniest choice, vote for it anyway :)


Done, COD. But watch out for "over comb." It's not good, but it's punny, and a lot of people think puns are clever. You know, like Big Bri.

Speaking of cracker jack medical staff, I think John Henry should put team-specific prizes in Cracker Jack boxes this year. Coupons to Popeye's, little plastic scalpels for Tommy John surgery, $14 million in cash to celebrate Nancy's departure.

Done, COD. Good luck.
I got nothing else.

I'm not counting on actual comedic talent to win here. I'm counting on having more imaginary internet friends than the other guys.

You got my vote COD. Hope you win so we at least have something to celebrate on this creppy site.

That would be creepy, not creppy. Creppy looks too close to crappy which it most definitely isn't.

Creppy could also be related to possessing the qualities of a thin, french pastry. But I have no idea how that applies here.

COD, that contest is yours to lose. Puns about combing? Rly?

COD. Creppy vote here for ya.


I had to look it up.

Creppy describes all those creepy preppy antics in the White House pool. Can't ya see the boys on Mt. Rushmore winking "nudge, nudge..."

Gotcha covered, COD. Nice to have creppy internet friends...

Good job, Jar. :)

What does our middle relief look like? I half-remember the last season or two to be something you could ignore until the 5th or 6th inning because it didn't matter if the starter was on his game or not when we'd put all the rubber arms out there to give up homers in innings 6-8.

What does our middle relief look like? I half-remember the last season or two to be something you could ignore until the 5th or 6th inning because it didn't matter if the starter was on his game or not when we'd put all the rubber arms out there to give up homers in innings 6-8.

Yikes...I got a finger tic just thinking about the past 2 seasons...

Nice work , jar. I thought it was just a typo by me but hey, if creppy is in urban dictionary then it must be a word, right?

Nice to know that all that pimping that Dave Powers did for JFK has some spillover effects.

Done COD, but not without comment: we can't have people running this country that think $100 million is a lot of money (aka the Tea Party). If the Congress did nothing but pass bills that saved $100 million, and they did it twelve hours a day every day they are in session (average 138 days over the last three decades) they'ed have to pass one bill every 9 minutes to balance the budget. We need people who understand numbers with 10 zeroes. Let the flames begin...

Nice sunset, LC.

Nice caption, COD.

Nice 2012 we're off to. Pass the cocaine.

COD, thanks for the link to the Fredericksberg news paper - I am voitiing on each of my interweb connected devices. The paper will be surprised by the antipodean interest. I love the local stories especially the article about the man who fell into the river, got helped out,suffered no injuries and passed the well-being check at the Local Hospital. Now that, friends, is news. Good stuff.

SDU - Where is the love for our new savior from Oz?


Oi Oi Oi!!

Good on ya,Daniel.

I love how the reporter says, "some of his new Red Sox teammates make up to $6 million per season." Gonzalez and Crawford eat that much in the clubhouse during games.

Cool how the Red Sox Australian scout is actually Australian. Or he's just been hanging with SDU too much.

How fast is 150km/hr? I failed that metrics class back in Middle School...

SDU - you should read the comments in our local paper anytime there is a story even slightly sympathetic to gay rights or Muslims, or is in any way critical of the military or religion. It stops being so cute and becomes downright scary to think I live among these people.

And thanks for all the votes!

Small town America is scary. That's why we prudent folks have lots of weapons and ammo.

(BTW fellas the Glock 19 makes a nice Valentine's Day gift for that special lady in your life... I shit you not.)

yes indeed

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