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Bring the singer, bring the nester

OK, I'm going to remain agnostic on the Valentine as manager decision until we get a good chunk into the season, but so fah I like what I'm seeing.


Bobby V is without a doubt the happiest guy in the Red Sox camp. His excitement is contagious.


If anyone can rise up to that challenge it's the new, svelte David Ortiz. Dude is looking like he just busted out of a Michelangelo mahble.


Speaking of antiquity, this just friggin blows my mind:

"At 36, Ortiz is now the oldest and longest-tenured member of the team."


Man, am I stahting to feel old.


Scattah baseballs on the field; / Turn the Sox fan out of door.*



I think those two old ladies are going to scratch the eyes out of that guy running for the ball.

All the bitchiness I felt during the offseason is gone now that the news is flowing in from spring training.

Do not fall for B ♥.
It will not end well.

Sincerely, Nostraspamus


Yep. With it hitting 70 degrees today in VA, I'm in a baseball mood for the first since since last year.

Speaking of aging and noticing the sometimes that-wasn't-in-the-contract things, but If mine eyes don't deceive me it looks as though Doug is sporting the beginnings of a proper middle aged dude FUPA.

Okay... maybe I should stop staring at cartoon characters groinal region. But, damn.

Alright, being a man of a certain age I often have to go to the Urban Dictionary to find these terms that my daughter who are away at college already know.

Thanks Soxaholix community for keeping me marginally cool with my kids!

Speaking of old...

Anyone else see in Yahoo about the Rays' June 29 fan giveaway? A fucking Don Zimmer teddy bear. Please do yourself the favor of checking it out. Almost makes me want to book my flight to Tampa. Just unbelievable.

I saw the Gerbil story yesterday. I'm already waiting for Marlins single game tix to go on sale so I can see the Sox when they come down to South FL, but I also may just need to take a ride over to Tampa to get one of those bears, just to throw to the ground Pedro-style.

Good one, soxinsix. We might have a new entry for the Urban Dictionary: "Pedro-style."

Pedro-style? Hells yes! I'm in.

I believe we have a new entry to the Soxaholix nomenclature. Right there with saltyum, teal dress, Ditka, and "sunsets, bitches".

Damn I love this corner of the webosphere!

Memo-to-self: Nothing but eye-to-eye contact all day long.

Also, re: BV's enthusiasm...

What's up with the teefs? I'm not judging (in fact I like a man who smiles a lot), just wondering if they're real or the denturists chicklet special?

"The better to gnaw your FUPA, my dear." said the wolf to Red Riding Hood.


Interesting that Valentine was talking about David's ability to hit lefties last year, when he scorched them to the tune of a 331 average, significantly better than his overall average of 309. So he actualy hit way better against lefties than righties.

too much baseball talk for my tastes.


Larry, perhaps he was trying to inject a bit of whimsy into what was a pretty somber last couple of weeks (and last 4 months or so, come to think of it).

BV invented those teeth at the Bobby Valentine School of How To Be As Awesome As Me. They serve wraps in the cafeteria.

mrs sdu just caught up with the news that Timmy Wakefield retired. It is sad and sombre in our house this morning.

Sdu, you didn't happen to tell her just after she woke whilst taking her morning poo, did you?

Crying and pooping? Not good bedfellows, just for future reference.

*** NOTICE ***

Forgot to mention earlier that I'm taking a long weekend and will be off tomorrow. I plan to put up a "vacation" empty strip placeholder, but sometimes I forget.

pseudo - thanks for sharing that thought (!) but, as I understand it, that is an occurrence more likely in the Chad Ochocinco household (curses to the person who invented the WEEI iphone App)

I asked because that's how it happened to me...seriously.

You people are pretty cool.


Hmm. Another clue to HB's apparently substantial educational accomplishments. The "Turn the Sox fan out of door" is an allusion to a seldom-quoted Robert Frost poem, "To the Thawing Wind" (also appropriate to this time of year, of course), one of my faves. That, added to the classy commentariat, is why for me this is the best site on the whole freekin' web, bar none. Hurry back, HB.

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