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Wheel in the sky...

Thankfully, one of the worst years evah is officially ovah.


Yes, how nice, say goodbye to the most dismal of dismal seasons and say hello to the most dismal of dismal offseasons.


Meet the new season, same as the old season.


Aw, c'mon now. What about the Andrew Bailey trade?


A proven top quality major league bullpen ahm, for a couple prospects who've not shown much more than replacement level guy talent?


Plus the appearance of this being a 100% Ben Cherington led move?


Yeah, well, it's not in the same stratosphere as Theo's Shillingsgiving, but I'll confess it's a rare positive sign.


Hell, yeah, it is. I mean I haven't been this optimistic about the future of a franchise since Journey replaced Steve Perry with a Filipino dude they found on YouTube who sounds just like Steve Perry.


Don't stop believing, mothafuckahs.



Happy New Year all.

I'm going into 2012 all optimistic and shite.

And by that I mean no late Friday meetings.

Happy New Year everyone! 2012 has to be better than 2011, right? Right? Please let me be right.

Welcome back. I think I speak for the masses in saying that the strip was sorely missed.

I downloaded Out of the Park Baseball 2011 last week, after not playing the game for about a year. At the 2011 All Star Break, John Lackey is 13-1, and Carl Crawford is playing like a guy that deserves his phat contract. We need to just find the proper parallel universe where everything goes right for the Sox this year, and stay there.

2012...new beginnings begun...I'm starting to wonder if a career shift would do me good. Maybe 2012 will have the answer.

don't stop bereaving.


Winter is indeed here again, O Lord...

Maybe this means soxsplosion is over!

No more late Friday meetings, Bob? There's a New Year's resolution that won't last the week, if my experience means anything.

And lc, that was both hilarious and clever. Brought to mind Kim Jung Il in "Team America: World Police":

"Herroooooh..." “You are worthress, Arec Barrwin!"

America, f#ck, yeah!

Great movie reference, Rob...

"Hans Brix? Oh no!"

At least the Great Reader won't be ronery any more...

@lc -

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