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Seasonally dejected

OK, now that that's ovah, can we go back to Iowa being that mostly forgotten about place where Shoeless Joe Jackson plays baseball in a cornfield?


I hope Rick Santorum enjoys his brief moment in the sun, because aftah New Hampshire gets done with him he's going to have more to cry about than his dead baby.


Ouch. Tough crowd.


What can I say. It's January. Fenway's frozen for hockey. And the Red Sox are pissing on my leg and telling me it's raining.


I'm a bittah, unhappy man.


Dude, don't knock the hockey played out of doors.


Oh, don't get me wrong. I loves me the retro outdoor rink trend as much as the next guy, but metaphorically speaking my baseball mojo is iced.


There's no sap in your maple.


There's no pail for my spout.



No log for your cabin?


Great movie line,h.b. ;)

When people who aren't running for the Republican nomination lose a baby after induced labor at 20 weeks we call it an abortion. When it's a pro-life Republican candidate's wife we call it a dead baby. Funny how that works.

There once was a COD from Rangoon
Who was born nine months too soon
As his mother always said
He was born in a bed
For he was scraped off the sheets with a spoon

All credit to Dr. Dirty

No wood for your stove?

I hear if Santorum is out in the sun, he gets a bit crusty.

anyone else notice that as Mitt straps 'em on the sign over his shoulder advertises a special on a Steamer?

Do you need sacred symbols on work gloves?


And not just any old steamer but the "Americano"!

Everything about that photo is superb.

"work" or "pleasure"?

Does he or doesn't he? Only his manicurist knows for sure.

to quote the old Palmolive ad, "you know you're soaking in it right now"

NOTY lives!

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