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Yeah, it's like that then...

Ah, c'mon, Bill, cheer up.


I mean this is the NFL... on any given Sunday and all that.


Besides, the Patriots are a lock, an absolute lock to make the playoffs.


Just like the Red Sox.




Bill slamming phone with thought bubble:



Well at least the B's roared to life on Saturday.

Oh Jesus, H.B. Marty??? I felt bad enough, and now Marty?

So this is a bad time to mention that while I love the Sox I root for the Giants and the NY Rangers as well?

not the sharp pointy rocks, they sting!

It could be worse. We could have Eli Manning for a quarterback.

Fuck you, Mahty! Fuck you in your stupid New York mouth! I'm giving Occupy Wall Street your address, you fucking douchebag!

I knew when the Patriots scored with 1:30 still on the clock that the sieve defense would not be able to stop the Giants.

hahaha. too funny today.

I knew it... I just effing KNEW Mahty would be making an appearance today. Fuck his flabby, jowl-enhanced face!

Your Soxaholix muse is a cruel mistress, hb. Cruel; you hear me?

Not as cruel as watching that lousy fucking Patriots defense in the last 2:00 of the game, but cruel nonetheless.

Patriots, Shmatriots. Football just can not satisfy the inner-masochist. You can only really get fucked by your team but a few times, less an two dozen, a season and only about once a week. Baseball on the other hand - wow. They can kick you in the sack 6 or 7 times a week when they want to and then shove hot sticks in your eyes and splinters under your fingernails all off season just so you dont forget what a bitch you are for them.

I read another interview with the ex-RS strength coach this weekend. Throwing a few nameless players under the bus. But I came away with this (borrowing from last week theme)..

2011 Redsox are to baseball players as rock stars are to musicians.

Fucking defense.

Brady was about as accurate as Nuke Laloosh yesterday.

Whatever you say,Dude

Mahty is a wanker. So

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