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Whatever you say, dude...

So Larry Lucchino says the Red Sox are "in the fourth inning of their manager search".


Oh, isn't that cute? Larry is showing us that he is a real honest to goodness "baseball guy."


He thinks in baseball metaphors fercrissakes. He just can't help himself!


Well, here's the question I have for Lar da Baseball Guy...


Since the Red Sox have demonstrated that not all 4th innings are created equally...


Is this a 4th inning in July or a 4th inning in Septembah?


And by, Septembah, we mean, of course, the month of cornucopia overflowing with the Colonel's extra crispy recipe.


Fingah-lickin suckitude.



Hah. It's starting to smell like September...

Hey, Jamie Moyer is making a comeback. Let's sign him quick, before some other team in need of a soft-throwing 49-year old grabs him.

Can hardly wait for the 7th inning stretch-break out the Tug-Toners

If I told you I have this friend who couldn't wait until the 7th and just wakes up and, you know, starts tugging, would you say this is wrong?

I'm just asking. For my friend and all...

If its the 4th inning that means Lackey is out of the game (after bitching and meaning of course- 'Hey I've only given up 7 runs! WTF!) and the bullpen is being pressed into extra long service.

moaning, not meaning

I'm confused. Who's tugging and who's moaning here?

I guess that means that they are halfway through or sumpthin' tsssss...

Lucchino sounds like an 8th grader who talks about his dates in terms of first base, second base, .....

The manager search may be in the 4th inning but Theo's compensation negotiations have long been in extra innings and why do I get the feeling that the ultimate compensation is gonna be something like one single-A left-handed hitting OF prospect.

when do the "rally beers" start? Bob?

Can't wait for the 8th when he starts to sing Neil Diamond!

Rally beers start at the 4:30 inning.

But the fun really starts at the 4:20 inning.

That's the pre-beer and munchies inning.

And oh, how the munchies come into play. We all stand at the 4:20 inning and sing Sweet Caramel. Then we eat 12 dozen Kit Kat bars each. Then we spend the next three hours playing with the foil that's left over.

do you chew it or make a really swell rally cap out of it to protect yourself from magnetic impulses?

I make origami Papi's out of it.

Hey, here's a fire that was put out at 4:20:


Have a great weekend all. Hopefully we'll have something fun to yak about on Monday.

The Sox have retired JD Drew's number:


Super post! Just like your blog professionalism! Keep up the good work.

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