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This day we spite!

Well, Larry Lucchino proves yet again he has his fingah on the pulse, the very pulse of Red Sox Nation...


The Red Sox will not raise ticket prices for the 2012 season.


Oh, wow, is that munificent or what? Line me right the fuck up.


And, of course, the Red Sox will continue to offah special discount programs for Active Duty Military and Clergy in 2012.


Well, that's great and all, but no special offahs on beer and chicken?


Nor painkillahs?


You guys do know that there will come a day when you have to get ovah The Collapse™, right?


Yeah, though in the words of Aragorn in LOTR — But it is not this day!



The email said, "watch for your season ticket invoice in the mail at the end of the month."

At the end of the month, I'll be on St. Thomas, Dominica and St. Lucia, far from the Red Sox madness. Although I'll probably be eating chicken. They run wild on the streets and are delicious.

How's the beer down there Bob? And do you have to bring your own video games?

Its gonna be my f'in Eleventy-Oneth birthday before these guys win it all again. Maybe we will have done away with the concept of money by then? And tickets will be plenty for all who want them? Or do I have to leave middle earth and go to thhe elven lands for that?

Wonder which finger Larry is using to take that pulse? ;D

Bob - what SPF level do you put on a Real Doll?

The SPF is built right into Real Dolls. Although mine has tan lines, so I have to rub lotion on her breasts and nether bits before we go to the nude beach.

I hope the next skipper can stand in front of the Balrog delivering the KFC to the clubhouse and shout, "You shall not pass!"

Hey all - go to wimp.com and look for the Ultimate Sportsmanship video that was posted Yesterday. This is from a little down the road from me.

There is good in the world.

That was pretty cool, Jeff.

Sweet Jeff, Let's Go, Myrtle Beach!

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