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Something needs to pop

This time of year is always a downah for a baseball fan, but this year it feels even more so.


I mean the lack of a manager has left me feeling untethered and drifting, yet the candidates so fah and the general lack of anything inspiring, conversely, has me feeling bound up and claustrophobic.


Hmmm.... so if I understand you correctly, you're feeling like this?


You know it's for moments like these that the internet was invented.



Will there be a day when dialog --- the spoken word ---will be linkable?

At least the Murray trial is finally over

RIP, Smokin' Joe

And Tito is interviewing with the Cards today! Bah.

Something tells me I'd better not click on that link from the work computer. Kind of like the tingling Obama should have gotten when hanging with Sarkozy near a French microphone.

It's okay this time around Paul...

h.b. is usually pretty good about the NSFW links- although I think some of us here have very questionable workplace rules. The pole waits for no man and so forth. :)

That's not what the internet is for:

(semi NSFW language)

Well, Albert Haynsworth has been release. Wonder if a certain wide receiver is next?

great link today, h.b.

And Albert, don't let the door hit you on your way out. What a waste of Roster space he turned out to be.

The sad thing is he was more productive than Ocho ZERO (and thats not saying much)

Whatever you say,Dude

Uh-that jab was meant for Mahty.

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