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Quenching fiahs

So Papelbon says he "wasn't close to returning to Boston"...


Well, Jon Bon Temps, being that Boston didn't make you an initial offah, didn't make you a countah offah, and all but helped you pack, I'm not sure that your statement carries quite as much impact as you think it does.


Meanwhile, Theo says that his first two weeks with the Cubbies has been like "drinking out of a fire hose."


Now isn't that just the damnedest coincidence...


Aftah our first two weeks togetheh, my RealDoll said the exact same thing!



Jon Bon Temps - classic. I don't think there was ever a doubt that Paps wasn't going to the highest bidder. Thanks for the majority of the memories. Good luck in Philly.

The image of a vanilla pudding fire hydrant is stuck on my head.

Good one, h.b.

Ahh, just "horsing around". It's what jocks do?

guzzle it, bitch

Why would you stick a firehose in your realdoll's mouth? Wait, what? Oh.

At least he didn't say that he only went there because his wife wanted him to be a Phillie.

Papelbon is a firehose.


Dare you to click.

I was more broken up when Jason Bay left for the Mets.

i was pretty broken up. until i saw him in the phillies uniform. he looks so pompous. oh, and his comments. bah. i hope he chokes on his cheese steak. anger will get me over paps.

BTW, Kaz, next time you have a warning like that, there better be some filthy porn at the other end of the click.

Guess Bill's been hitting the Viagra again.

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