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On the road again

So it looks as if Cherington and the Red Sox are pretty high on Sveum.


And it wouldn't surprise me if Theo hires Tito for the Cubs.


So the Cubs get Theo Epstein and Terry Francona while we probably get nothing in compensation for Theo and we get Dale Sveum?


Can't hardly wait to queue up in Decembah for 2012 tickets!


Remembah, the road to heaven is paved with Sveum: the road to Sveum is not paved at all.



Tell me this is NOT happening :(

So how much can self immolation hurt, really? Ballpark estimate?

What was wrong with Mackanin??


Ballpark estimate: Fenway.

What's in a name? That which we call a shitty 3rd base coach named Sveum by any other name such as manager would smell as terrible.

I hate Karma

The road to Sveum, much like the road from third to home, is paved with the bones of thrown out runners.

Glad to see we have reached the point in their tenure where ownership has crawled up their own assholes, convinced it smells heavenly in there.

pseudo, I am going with seppuku- the shame of being a Sox fan has reached the point where I, the noble warrior, must ritually disembowl myself in the temple of Fenway. Either that or I will continue to buy tickets, watch on TV, and root for the bastards because I can't imagine my life without them. You know- six of one, half dozen of the other...

That last panel is now my favorite Zen koan.

There have to be other, better candidates out there than Sveum, right? Right? Please tell me I'm right.

I wonder if Grady Little is available these days...

One should never, *ever* know the name of a team's third base coach. One only knows a third base coach's name if that coach is horrible. Dale Sveum is the best-known third base coach the Red Sox (nay, any MLB team) has ever had. Oy.

The Cubs have always been my NL team, for as long as I've rooted for the Red Sox I've had a spot in my heart for the lovable losers from Wrigley. I wear my Cub hat in times like this. Go Cubbies.

Great point by Meredith, but it raises the debate: who was worse, Dale Sveum or Wendell Kim, the well known Sox 3B coach with the unfortunate nickname "Send 'Em In, Kim." Discuss.

Theo is interviewing Mackanin for the Cubs job today.

Wave 'Em In Wendall was a great nickname. Too bad that was the best thing about him. I think Sveum was worse though.

Maybe we could trade for Tito. We could get him back. Maybe...
What a horrible, horrible post-season.

I laugh at the ground.

Do what you will on the field. All I ask is that they bring back Tina Cervasio, replace Rem Dunce with Eck, and send Rice to the minors.

Paging Dr. Murray, Dr. Conrad Murray, please report to the Redsox front office.

I miss Kathryn Tappen.
Dale Arnold? Let HIM coach 3rd.

Dale Arnold. The Dean of CT Sports. Brilliant!

If I don't laugh, I'll cry.

Job description, 3rd Base Coach: Must bat 1.000 when sending runners home or be considered ineligible for any other job in baseball.
Prediction (the above notwithstanding): No possible way will they pick Sveum.

That being said we all know the outcome.


We could be the O's, who have GM candidates turning THEM down.

Instead we not onlyhave to find a GM, but have to compete with our former GM, the Cubs new Pres, for the same pool of candidates. The choice - a team cursed by a goat or a team that nomnoms on goat (tastes just like chicken).

Now interviewing Sandy Lomar.

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