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No Sveum, no shame

So now it looks like the Dale Sveum era is ovah befoah it began.


Rumah has it the front office got cold feet aftah his 2nd interview.


Can you corroborate that?


Dude, this is the friggin Internet age, we don't need to stinkin' corroboration.


Well, eitah way, can't say I'm saddened by this "loss"


For in theory I know how to pronounce dude's name, but yet every time I came across it, I was all — "Sssvv... Ssvveeh... Sswhha... Sssuliman... Ssswhawha... Ah fuck it."


Yeah, I see it in print and my mind just waves it on by.


Ironic, right? I mean there hasn't been this much waving someone by in this town since S-S-S-Sveum was 3rd base coach.



Now I hear that Sve...Svu...Sveum will give the Red Sox a chance to match the Cubs offer. A bidding war over Dale Frigging Svu...Sve...Sveum???

Oh, saw this tidbit yesterday after the Heidi Watney story broke. It's a quote from Bill Murray during the Pebble Beach Pro Am. I guess Watney walked up to him while he was playing and asked him to do record a promo for the weatherman at her Fresno TV station.

"These blondes think they own the world. You can take the girl out of Fresno, but you can't take Fresno out of the girl."

...and he's out at the plate!!

Not sure what Plan B is but it HAS to be better than Plan Sveum, right?

I'd bet money on Theo doing Sveum a solid and attempting to start a bidding war with the Red Sox since they showed second interest in him but never called back. He knows Henry, Lucchino, etc. and he knows they won't be muscled off of anyone unless the price is ridiculous (see YANKEES). So, he puts out the flyer that the Cubs are hiring Sveum to the punditry. He expects to hear his reasonable offer topped by a flabbergasted Henry...but they have called his bluff. I hope the Cubs like Sveum. :D

If Theo takes Sveum away from the Sox, I think the 'Cubs compensation to Sox for Theo' deal is closed. Sox should accept this as payment in kind.

Just in time for Christmas,get your authentic Papelbon home jersey(discounted to $146.24) LOL


So which is worse,"mystique and aura" or "greed and avarice"??

Harwich, the Bruins are auctioning off a Manny Fernandez jersey. Starting bid of $129.99. Only 37 more shopping days, dontcha know....

Sans Sveum, I can live
No Heidi throughout summer
Precedeth the fall.

Why is my MFY fan friend sending me condescending messages about Bobby Valentine? Has anyone heard anything?

PH: Sox reach out to Valentine

To wit I say barf.

Thanks, Kaz. I'm with you; time to shove all sharp objects far out of reach.

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