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Knot expected

I love this idea from Dave Pinto...


"I would give a manager I wanted to see again a team of Strat-O-Matic cards and play a three game series against him when he came back."


Christ, that's way bettah than the idea I came up with.


Yeah, what's that?


Mackanin, Cherington, and Lucchino in a game of Twister. Shaughnessy mans the spinnah.



with heidi watney as the playing surface.


Avalon Hill Statis Pro Baseball was a better game.

Give them all Tug-Toners

Holy shit, there are about five different terms I am utterly clueless about within three comments: Avalon Hill? Tug-Toners? Stratomatic cards? Are these boy things?

Tug-Toners: Think Shake Weights, but with less shaking and more tugging.

Three gold gloves to the Sox. Jeets was robbed at short.

Well, I will say that my days of playing a lot of Statis Pro Baseball absolutely coincide with my days of not having a girlfriend in high school.

And by "days," I sadly mean all of high school.

Ditto to my days of playing with the tug toner ;D

Oddly enough, I'm on a committee (of 2) to form a test scenario for incoming chemist applicants at my company to run through during a 30-45 minute discussion to see whether they recognize bad chemistry, can isolate good chemistry, and what direction they would take particular compounds that show activity as if they were running a project similar to ones we are doing in the company. If you just let the applicant come in and tell you all the great shit they did before and then ask them questions from their resume, you're never going to figure out if they're right for your particular paradigm (even if your paradigm isn't much different from everyone else's anyways).

I like that the Red Sox are on the same wavelength.

How many chicken/beer scenarios did they run by Mackanin?

Kaz- you can save yourself some time and just serve them soup like Edison...

PS - Thanks for the link to Pinto and thanks for the story link, Dave (I know you read here when h.b. links to you :).

A bunch, yazbread. But his knowledge of Popeye's amazed the Sox brass. For instance, he brought up the fact that Popeye's has a new "Louisiana Leaux: Get Up and Geaux" menu with healthier options for the fat and/or drunk customer. Cherington was heard screaming, "Why didn't we know about this? Why, damn it? A few dozen Naked Chicken Rollups would have saved our September!"

Haha, HunterStars, I hadn't ever ready that parable before about Edison. Nice, I like it. Of course, it's only a good filter and not a good measure. If they don't salt the soup first, then you still don't know if they're worth hiring or not.

Also, what's really funny about Edison and the soup test is we never would have hired our CSO. That man puts a ton of salt on everything.

I think the GM candidates should definitely engage in combat. Twister sounds completely fair. Maybe an old fashioned game of Marco Polo. Or Capture the Flag- to test out teamwork. Yes. Ben Cherington, get on that, please.

I think a game of Death Race would work. Assemble your team, last one alive gets to stay and race for years to come.

Didn't a player already play Whatney twister?

Thanks for the link!

David Pinto: yes. That was Tek. We do not speak of that here.

Theo fired Mike Quade. Next up: hiring Tito?

That's kind of a horrible thought Bob. I think I'd have to eat my own face off.

Douchey? Maybe. Touche? Definitely.

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