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It's happening...

Bill (thinking to himself, sadly):
Bobby Valentine head


Bill (thinking to himself):
Bobby Valentine head


Bill (thinking to himself):
Bobby Valentine head



I had no idea he invented the wrap sandwich.

Truly a Renaissance man!

LOLZ Terrifying strip today.


Okay, I realize that we had a tough September, and things are looking bleak in terms of ownership and the front office. But let's take a deep breath and realize that we're getting an experienced, respected manager.

This is the guy that took the 2000 Mets, a team with *maybe* four above-average players (Piazza, Leiter, Hampton, and ... Alfonso?), to the big dance. He was working with a dysfunctional front office (Phillips was the GM fercrissakes) and a bunch of whingeing old-timers and kids who didn't know which end of the bat to hold.

Seriously, it could be worse. We could have Sveum as our manager. I, for one, say sign the experienced guy and let's move on.

I just threw up in my mouth...again

If we have to take a V, I'd rather have Dickie V.


Hell, even Jimmy V was a coach...and we already pimp his Fund on the Monstah.

We could appeal to the script kids at 4chan (don't search that at work) and get V from V for Vendetta in his Guy Fawkes mask to coach the team and egg the other dugout in the 7th.

Why not just get the aliens from V...because that's who it feels like is running this team now anyways...

Even CHB is drinking the Kool-Aid.

I am thinking of taking up hard drugs to deal with this offseason (and potentially the season with Valentine at the helm). Any suggestions? I'd like to keep my face pretty plus drano-infused antihystamine scares me, so meth is out. Coke would probably make me too hyper. I hate needles so heroin is a no-go. Perhaps prescription pain pills? Vicodin? Yeah, that's the ticket....

In an effort to feel just a little bit better about this...


I'm with GSGH and Peter Abraham on this one.

^ OK thanks COD. I just read that.. and I came to the realization that Bobby Valentine = CHUCK NORRIS! This presents a problem however.. Beckett already thinks he is Norris.

I say give him a shot. What is the worst that could happen? We finish below the Orioles in last place? After last years collapse at their hands with Showalter gleefully soaking up the moment, what's the difference? I don't think Valentine would let that happen, especially if he gets to play against the stankees all year.

I just had this vision of Valentine pummeling Showalter out by the mound in a brawl. The possibility of that might be worth the downside...

Here we are talking about the frigging O's and Buck Showalter. Not long ago, Baltimore was navel lint to be brushed away without a thought. How far the mighty have fallen... :-/

Thanks for the BV link, COD. Somehow comforting, but I'm still not holding my breath.

Oh, and Natalie, maybe valium with aPepto-Bismol chaser?

Just to clarify my own thoughts: problem isn't with Valentine. He may be a fine guy and a great manager.

Problem is the perception that Cherington has no power and Larry is the de facto G.M. If this proves true, I don't think much good will come of it, do you?

No, I don't. You're right, h.b. Even a very benign interpretation of ownership's actions would suggest they're undrcutting Cherington's authority or, at the very least, perceived authority. It's puzzling that they would create the environment that would result in that impression being held by the Nation.

I have been avoiding all things baseball for the last two weeks...

I think I just choked on my tongue.

C'mon folks, let's lighten up a bit... The whole point is to have a good time, and this choice would seem to qualify... Plus Sox visit DC in April!

Yikes. Yikes.

Agreed, hb. I think there was the FO perception that Theo went rogue (didn't they sell him down the river by saying he was the only one hot on Crawford?). Clearly they just want a mouthpiece while ol'Lucky pulls the strings. Unchecked front office power is ALWAYS super-duper extra special awesome, so I have no doubt we are 100+ win and WS-victory bound this year. Fer sher.

Agreed, HB - actually was thinking the Il Duce strip would make a re-appearance today.

Winning may take second place to entertainment w/ BV around.

@Natalie, my strong suggestion is copious amounts of whiskey - any variety. It does what others can not. And you can say stuff like "this fuckin team... This fuckin team... They make me sick... Im gonna puke" and everyone will just indulge the poor drunk and put you in a cab for your own good, knowing you are justified in your stupor given the debacle this team has become.

Nat - heroin, but smoke it. You'll be fine.

I'm in for a creepy commenter meetup and Spring Training game in DC.

gotta love the fact that the defense attorney is recommending heroin.... does Berrocca help with that also?

Just wait till Houston jumps to the AL next season ;O


re the heroin, if you're getting it relatively pure it can also be snorted.

I had a summer where I did the H every weekend. It was fairly awesome. No addiction. No lasting ill effects (well unless you count doing a comic blog anonymously for 8 years as an ill after effect).

I know I'm a little late to the party as usual, but IF they hire V. And IF he lasts long enough, it should be a helluva show when Lackey (if HE makes it back)gives him attitude about being taken out after a 3 inning shellacking. Something tells me it won't go over well.

I think we could have all used the H every day in September...and beyond. I'd gladly trade "fairly awesome" for "utterly fucking gut-wrenching"

Goddamn this offseason. Even awesomely headlined stories like "Mo Rivera to face surgery" are complete buzzkills: turns out he's facing vocal cord scraping and not a right arm amputation. Can't catch a break.

nobody needs to be mouth fucked more than that guy.

I'm out.

fuck you

fuck you

in the mouf

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