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Half a glass and a sandwich wrap

Ok, so let me see if I can get this straight...


1. Valentine gets to a verbal agreement Sox which he promptly leaks to the media.


2. When the front office gets a call from reportahs asking for confirmation, they have to deny it but also simultaneously leak that they do have a verbal agreement in place to ensure they won't look totally foolish when the eventual official confirmation occurs which countahs what they had just previously denied.


Letting Lamont find out he didn't get the job via the media? Nice job, Red Sox, nice job.


First time I'm not excited about a Red Sox season since pre-Pedro.


A guy with an infamous reputation for not being able to keep his mouth shut proves he is indeed unable to keep his mouth shut. Shocking, I know.


Before you two guys wet yourselves, let's try to think clearly for a second.


For instance, considah the following.


When Terry Francona got the Red Sox job, we were underwhelmed based on his time in Philly.


When Belichick got the Patriots job, the conventional wisdom was that he was a failure in Cleveland and would likely be a failure in New England.


Yeah, well, counterpoint, remembah when Pete Carroll replaced Parcells, and people thought it'd be great because he was a player's coach and the franchise needed that after 4 years of discipline?


Yeah, and remember when Larry Lucchino hired Grady Little?


Fine, go ahead and get your hissy on, while I just move on. Bobby Valentine is the managah of the 2012 Boston Red Sox.


The glass is half-full, bitches.



at least we have A manager now. that's something, right? yay, decisions? i bet it was a coin toss. do you think it was a coin toss?

I miss Dale Sveum already.

What I think is a coin toss is whether Cherington will wield any legitimate power. But no, I think Lucchino wanted Valentine, so that aspect was probably not a coin toss.

Embrace, be positive, live life, carpe diem bitches!! Bobby Valentine, it is. Won't be boring...remember Manny?

It is what it is..moving forward...

Let the circus begin. Seriously. I live in the NYC area and remember the lunacy of his tenure here. This will either be a complete disaster or a shocking success. Don't see a middle ground.

Bobby V is a fool and a clown many times over. But when it suits him and he's getting enough ego stroking, he can be kind of cool. See "The Zen of Bobby V."

And what other name has three syllables and rhymes with Valentine - I can see John Henry rewriting the lyrics and selling the remix to Red Sox Nation cardholders.

Does this mean the team has an even better shot at getting overpriced players from Japan?

I'm kinda with Lauren on this - I'm glad a decision has finally been made, even if not one I'm thrilled about. I'm more concerned about what this says about Cherington and the ability he will have to make decisions. And I'm really not sure I'm ready for Valentine's smarmy mug in the dugout. Ugh.

I know I am in the minority on this but I have always liked Bobby V and I think this is a great move by the Red Sox.

I don't think he has ever had a team with this much talent so I am looking forward to seeing him push these guys to a higher level.

I hav espiked my Kool Aid and I can't wait until 2012!



Agreeing with the general tenor of today's comments. Glad we've got a decision; not sure entirely how I feel about it; hoping for the best; fearing the worst; very concerned about our GM's ability to make a decision without getting overruled by non-baseball people.

I'm thirsty for better days, but leery of drinking that half-full glass of kool-ade. Maybe just a sip to see if it makes me throw up or not...

How much impact does the manager have? Isn't it about the players? Grady Little aside...

I'm with you, Larry (E, not L). I fear this is ownership overriding Cherrington. Well, maybe not fear, but suspect. Who doesn't love a puppet regime?

Just what the doctor ordered, fake mustaches and glasses.

Does this mean a change of lyrics to "Sweet Valentine"??

Re the glass being half full or empty:


You know, this could just work out. At least V has the stature and is enough of an alpha to put a stop to (alleged) clubhouse shenanigans.

V for Victory ... or maybe I'm just drinking the kool aid.

I'm passing out the Koolaid to passersby. "You, sir, look thirsty. Have a glass of some cool, refreshing egotistical loudmouth punch!"

At least the players know that if they slip up, their names will publicly be dragged through the mud. A little fear is a good thing. I'm looking forward to this ride!

this move was force-fed to Cherington, IMO. And if you need more background on Bobby V, see what Murray Chass has to say:

My thoughts: http://globalreview.blogspot.com/2011/11/be-our-valentine.html

The heady days of the last decade are over. Now, can Bobby V. deal with life in a shark tank?
Can Ben Charington keep his cool while being pushed around like a freshman intern?
Will David Ortiz grow up?
The Soap Opera Sox '12, starting now (well, two months ago...)

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