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Getting worse not bettah

Hey, Red Sox... The Mets just called and they want their infamy for ineptitude back.


What, was Joe Kerrigan busy?


It's not just the interest in Valentine but more and more the evidence that Cherington isn't getting to call the shots.


Jesus was I friggin wrong the othah day when I thought things had hit bottom.


What hath September wrought?


Welcome to the surreal.


When do our clocks staht melting.


No, I don't think this is surrealism we are in but more of its parent, dadaism — where the only stated aim is ridicule of the previous sense of aesthetics.


Seriously. If 2004 was the Mona Lisa mastahpiece, the past few months have been the fucking moustache.



Ah yes,the puppetmaster at work again ;O

As I said, we should have hired Torre. He seemed to handle a team full of outsized egos pretty well for a while.

Bobby Valentine? Why stop there? Why not bring in Rex Ryan for an interview? It could be a buffoon-a-palooza.

While it would mean NOT having to listen to Valentine on Sunday Night Baseball anymore, I'm just not willing to take that one for all of America's sake.

Maybe he can hire Grady Little as his bench coach. Talk about a dream team. Or a nightmare.

To be fair, Valentine took a fairly unimpressive '00 Mets team to the WS and would have had a chance if Timo Perez had actually run instead of gawking at what he thought was a home run in Game 1. That being said, his comedy act wouldn't go over well in Fenway. Go get someone else.

I grew up a redskins fan. Then little Danny Snider came along.

I really want to be wrong, but this redsox ownership is starting to feel horribly familiar.

Johnny Pesky has managerial experience. He'd do as well as Pinky Higgens, Joe Morgan (either one)or B♥.

Yes, it gets worse

Valentine is from Stamford, that's not even REALLY part of Connecticut, it's more like an annex of Westchester county...look at any Red Sox fandom map...he's a MFY spy!


Sorry, crappy link...but the line runs from Canaan, CT to around Old Saybrook...Stamford is definitely in the heart of MFY land

The sad thing is no matter who the BoSox end up with, we're stuck with them for a few years. We'll get two or three seasons as "rebuilding years" and then a few seasons while the teams is "gelling" and then, only after 4 or 5 years of sucking will the front office start figuring out that maybe it's time to hand out some pink slips.

Is it too early to start saying, "well, there's always next decade"?

Dadism defined and Valentine defiled all on one strip?

Hey, on the bright side - now that Demi is free from AK's reins, maybe she can replace Heidi. This is going to be such a great season! Can't wait.

Back to my happy little yellow pills.

On to more interesting things - another neutrino experiment confirmed the original one. Of course there's a caveat at the end.

Okay, it's time for this boy to go to the Caribbean. I'll see you creeps in two weeks.

Have a great weekend all. Hopefully you'll have something fun to yak about on Monday. And I'll have mangoes being peeled for me on a pink sand beach.

Have fun Bobby!

Who's peeling your mangoes??!!

"Bob you bought the RealDoll mango peeling attachment with your points!"

Yes, I did.

(Beats a fucking weather balloon.)

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