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Checking it twice

Lisa the Temp:


Lisa the Temp:
Be very quiet, peeps.


Lisa the Temp:
It's Cyber Monday and everybody is really focused on the task at hand...


Lisa the Temp:
Speaking of Christmas, what are buying Lisa?


Lisa the Temp:
Wait, wait, before you answer that let's be frank, peeps, ... Lisa's been very naughty, very very naughty.



Some extra digits come to mind

A webcam and a pre-paid website hosting account.

could we buy her a new manager for the red sox? because the search is getting ridiculous. and maybe a nice scarf. we gals do like scarves.

After an exhaustive world wide search, the best the Red Sox have found is Valentine or Lamont? It's like the Republican National Committee is running the manager search.

OK ... you have suggestions?

Ron Paul would be awesome as a baseball manager.

Can you imagine the post-game interview?

RP: "No I'm not going to bunt in that situation. That would be stupid. Look, we all need to understand something -- outs are not good. It's a zero sum game. When one gets in bed with bunting, one must expect the diseases it spreads."

If you're bunting in bed, you got bigger problems than no manager

For all the BV haters, here's some more ammunition ;)


Sent to me by a buddy who's a Mets fan and loves BV. Says that Hundley had it coming. Gotta say I would love to bring on BV just for entertainment value. How long before he starts sniping at ownership in his press conference? At least it wouldn't be dull.

It's interesting how "naughty" in association with a child has nothing to so with sex and with an adult female has everything to so with sex.

Bunting in bed? I always heard chicks dig the long ball...

@sonomasox - if by chance you find your way today to this little back alley of freaks, creeps, valentine lovers and haters, and otherwise naughty people, and if you also just happened to watch one particular college football game between two teams from the state that gave us two of the first three presidents, then I offer this simple word - Gloat, which I of course am doing :)

Ah, Lisa, you remind me of a past fling.
BV? Bad in a vicious market, where competition in the "Bash the Boss" contest is about as nasty as it gets. His skin is waaaaay too thin.
Gene? Please.

@Jeff...was waiting for that. Deserved - gloat away; the Cavs sucked.

FWIW - Virginia had 4 of first 5 presidents. Guess that's what a Tech education gets ya! Boom, slam - comeback :) - Too bad that wasn't worth 39 points...

Heh, well played. But in typical Cav fashion, still overachieving to no end :) Mrs. Jeff, also a VT alum, asked why I was so happy about such a blowout, happy about such a runup of the score... I could only look at her wondering who stole my wife and replaced her with this creature and state the obvious.. "its UVA, what the hell do you mean? They used to do this shit to us all the time!"

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