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The sweepee becomes the sweeper

Hey look! Lackey wasn't lacking?


Yeah, but was this a case of Lackey being good or the A's being bad?


Reminds me... we don't hear so much about the "genius of Billy Beane" these days do we?


No, but wait until the Moneyball the movie comes out... starring Brad Pitt as the savant Billy.


Wasn't that project delayed "indefinitely."


It's back on for Septembah release.


OK, here's what I want to know...


How can the stah of the book, the focal point for the entire OBP philosophy, the "Greek Gods of Walks" none othah than our own Kevin Youkilis *not* be a charactah in the friggin film?


And yet Chad Bradford is there.


WTF is wrong with Hollywood anyway?



They are too busy making movies about the Rockem Soxem Robottzzz

Chard-ford and Scott Hatteberg. Weird.

I think they eliminated the Youk character because of the casting difficulties. Let's be honest, that's not a face you run across every day.

Good morning fellow Republican Tea Party crypto-fascist airhead zombies.

Speaking of sweepers...screw US Soccer for the naked money grab this weekend at Gillette that was billed so highly. "US vs the World Cup Champions", "We beat them in the Confed Cup, we can do it again on our turf!"...

What a pile of baloney. We put out a chump lineup because it was just a Friendly and we knew we have a Gold Cup qualifying match TOMORROW...who scheduled this thing??

On top of that, they told us all to wear red because the team wore their new red home jerseys...against Spain?? Whose bright idea was that? You couldn't tell Spanish fans from US fans because Spain made red jerseys famous! A total cock-up all around is what that was...but at least I got to see my first international match, I guess.

Also, Happy Birthday, lc!

After what we got from him prior to his trip to the DL, I'll take 6 innings, 3 runs from Lackey every time.

Can't wait to see what crushing way the Bruins find to lose tonight...

Can't wait to see some amazing acting in that movie. "upscale A's fan"?!

That's some serious acting.

The A's a home to Dollar Beer Night. Upscale A's Fan is someone who has more than two pairs of underpants

Vin Diesel as Youk?

There needs to be a part for Ron Jeremy ;D

The A's marketing slogan this year is "Green collar baseball." There is no "dollar Beer night", by the way, but there is "Free parking Tuesdays", "$2 Wednesdays" ($2 grandstand seats and $2 hot dogs), and "Free Hot Dog Thursdays". Next best thing to Triple A.

You could use a potted plant to play Ken Macha to save a few bucks. Personalities are about the same.

But how to get the potted plant to say stupid stuff and make bad in game decisions? I think the potted plant may be overqualified for this role.

Vin Diesel could work. They can do amazing things with camera angles to make a guy five feet nothing look like a six-footer. Paging Mr. Cruise. Mr. Cruise, your heel lifts are ready...

jay buhner as youk?

Be nice to the green men tonight. They are funny and have no dignity.

I hope they don't wander into Sully's Tap or The Penalty Box. They'll go in with no dignity and come out with no teeth.

Oh, and how about Jason Segal as Youk?

I like the casting of Royce Clayton as Miggy Tejada... if only he played like him when Clayton was a member of the Sox. His biggest contribution to the team was informing the listening audience that they had all won a free taco or some such when Ellsbury stole a base

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