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Not in our house

So I'm not sure who was the dealt the biggah beat down yestahday, the Canucks or the Weinah?


Well, the Canucks still control their own destiny, the Wein? Not so much.


Hey, did last nights game remind anyone else of Pedro's 13-1 classic ovah the Yankees in the Game 3 of the '99 ALCS?


I mean in the hole 0-2, first game at home, and it's "Nuh-uh, not in our friggin house."


Oh no doubt. And even if you go on to lose the series, these statement games definitely leave you with a memory worth savoring.


So it's 3 in the Bronx stahting tonight and the Bruins have anothah go at it tomorrow... Is this heaven?


Only if we win, guy, only if we win.



As enjoyable as seeing all those pucks go in the net was seeing Thomas level Sedin with a cross check. Classic.

Boy, was it raucous in the North End after the game last night. Found a bottle of Dr. McGillicuddy's Mint Schnapps outside the front door this morning. There was still a little left at the bottom, so...

Six -- Couldn't agree with you more! Timmah completely laid him out. I rewatched that over and over and NEVER got tired of it. Talk about "not in my house", that was a "not in MY crease" statement.

In the meantime, the next installment of "The Greatest Rivalry in Sports" (tm) starts tonight, and it's even on National TV so I get to watch down here in TX. Woo-frickin-hoo! Gonna be a good evening in San Antonio.

I Love Baseball for what it is and all but I don't think many ballplayers would get out of D Street alive, but I think that the majority of those playing the game last night would. What a tough game.

Ditka would, Vasox...

Fuck Rome.

and the Sedin he rode in on

Not only did Thomas deliver a great hit, he delivered a smart and legal one. He leaves Sedin alone with that puck and chances are it's in the goal.

Please take at least 2 of 3 from the Yankees and continue to expose them as not being nearly as good as their record, okay? Okay.

I'll trade three Sox losses for three wins by the B's.

Rob in CT ---
Your right I forgot.
and ......
Da Bears,
Da Bears
Da Bears
Da Bears
Da Bears
Da Bears
Da Bears
Da Bears
Da Bears
Remember Chris Farley in the Hula skirt...

Lester, Wake and Beckett versus Garcia, Burnett and Sabathia. I'm gonna go out on a limb and say neither team sweeps.

T-squared laying out Sedin struck me as a Tek-mashing-his-glove-in-A-Rod's-face moment. Hopefully it leads to a similar outcome.

That Marchand goal was the prettiest goal I've ever seen. Shorthanded, no less.

If any of you readers don't understand the intensity of the Red Sox vs. Yankee rivalry, perhaps Sarah Palin could explain it to you....

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