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More Adrian, less Rog

Did you get the memo from 4?


Probably but...


I have an email rule that routes the emails of any C's, VP's, and their assorted sycophants directly the trash.


Why, did I miss something?


Nothing but a stahk remindah that the typical workplace is overpopulated with cabals of petulant, chickenshit, fucktahds.


Seriously. What the typical workplace suffahs from is a definite lack of the spirit and camaraderie of an Adrian Gonzalez.


Yeah, instead Gonzalez spirit we're surrounded by a whole crew of lil' Clemenses.


But, hey, at least the Yankees fan subgroup of the fucktahd cabal is quiet these days.


Yeah, there is that.



My least favorite workgroup is the Rickie Hendersons. They steal whenever they can, then take credit for the win.

And then there is the John Lackeys. No explanation required.

Happy Birthday Dr.Kaz ;O

It's just that amusement has rendered us mute: FSG signs Bron Bron to promote Liverpool, then he razes his own brand with that priceless post game 7 speech.

You guys aren't all venal, immoral and sinister: For example, Yastrzemski's grandson plays for Vanderbilt.

ALLLLLL I have at my office are John Lackeys. Well, there's a Scott Boras, but I try to pretend he doesn't exist.

nah, the Yankee Fucktards are still spouting off, but now they get to say, 'It's amazing we can even field a team with all these injures, but . . .'

Thanks, HR! Today, I'm an Adrian. Now, are we really gonna play him in right field? Because if it means less of JD Drew, I'm all for it.

I bet Columbo could find someone to play the outfield.

Wait, he just died.

(To be buried in a trenchcoat?)

Are you Falking kidding me!?

That's a shame...just one more question though, if I may (examines cigar)...if John Lackey pitched to JD Drew, would he strike him out or walk him?

depends- is the umpire named Ditka?

If the bases were loaded, Lackey could always hit Drew with the pitch - unless he was trying to, of course.

Great question. I think Drew strikes out, but strike three is a wild pitch that gets away from the catcher, but Drew just continues walking to the dugout and takes the out.

Falk in Murder by Death:

You ever make it with a waitress?"


"A waitress. I don't know what them high society dames are like in the sack but you ain't never had it till you made it with a big fat blondie waitress. If you're ever interested, let me know."

I heard that line at a young impressionable age. It haunts me to this very day.

Good answers so far. I was thinking it might be one of those Zeno's paradoxes where Lackey would strike him out on a wild pitch 3rd strike...then Drew would run to first, but in order to get to first, he has to first get halfway to first. In order to get halfway to first, he first has to get 1/4 of the way to first...and so on, never fully reaching first base...however, Lackey goes to tag Drew out, but in order to catch Drew he has to first run to where Drew was when he started running at him...when he gets there, he has to run to where Drew is now and that takes time and Drew will go further again...Lackey will never catch Drew and Drew will never reach first...and both can go tumbling down the dual paradoxes into oblivion freeing up some salary space in time for the trade deadline.

You know what other work group I dislike? The one that schedules meetings during beer cart. I'll call them the Williamses, because they're Dicks.

Anyway, have a great weekend all. Hopefully we'll have something fun to yak about on Monday.


THE king of the workgroup- Manny gets 2 mil. + until 2026. Oh, one more thing:Dice K and Drew for Overbay.Columbo

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