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Lot's of lil' bright sides

Christ, I went to a charity walk-a-thon and a Red Sox game stepped out.


Yeah, the mean came along and smacked Aceves upside his regression.


And J.D. Drew is putting the piti in precipitious decline...


But, you know, what? I couldn't care less.


Absolutely. I mean look around...


Red Sox in first, there's day baseball at Fenway today, it's summah, and the girls are wearing those little sundresses with the shouldahs and freckles.


Love the shouldahs all Robin-egged speckled.


A summah without freckles is like a night without stahs.



Just when you thought this site couldn't get any creepier... I think you're getting dangerously close to Rex Ryan territory, hb. "It puts the lotion on its freckled shoulders".

The way the Sox have been playing, didn't you keep saying to yourself, "they're going to erupt for 7-8 runs this inning"?

When the extraordinary becomes the expected, pixie dust is in the air.

I have a sworn duty to maintain a certain degree of creepiness here at Soxaholix.

And who doesn't like the freckles?

A freckle is just a melanoma waiting for its moment on the big stage. "I'm ready for my close-up, Dr. DeMille."

Ah, so what. Another game today.

Now go read "The Girls in Their Summer Dresses". Irwin Shaw. Almost perfect.

Aw, Bob, don't ruin it. I was enjoying this unexpected glimpse into the male mind. Here I thought all those freckles on my shoulders and decolletage were unsightly, now to find they may be a turn on? Hooray for relentless tanning with low SPF well into my 30s. :)

Day baseball is the best. Work, what?

I have an important engagement out of the office at 1:35. Just told a guy he needs to call me before noon today if he wants any of my shit.

Do RealDolls have freckles or is it just dried, um stuff.

inquiring minds don't want to know.

Hey, I enjoy lovely freckles on a soft summer shoulder as much as anyone. It's cute how they start to change shape and color until they're irregular and an adorable purple-black.

And sundresses? Don't get me started on those death traps.

I love me some sundresses and tanned, freckled shoulders as well. That's one of the best parts of relocating from MA to FL, we get these yearround!

I was expecting a link to a Japanese sundress/freckle fetish site. I have to believe it exists somewhere.

Rule 34 yaz. Rule 34.

I'm kinda sad I don't have freckles now, or a sundress come to think of it. Dear lord, I should have my V-card taken away. :(

Did pseudo just say V-card? What the...?

Soxinsix, ditto on NC. Bare shoulders of freckles and dark tans have been standard viewing pleasure for months now. The everydayness of it makes keeping my composure during lunch in the park not quite so... uh.. hard.

I am confused too, Larry. I imagine pseudo- like most of us- had her v-card taken away years ago (hopefully with pleasure and gusto!) But perhaps there is a different meaning I am not getting, because my mind usually goes to the filthiest place?

V for Vendetta?

V for Vag?

Oh. My. God. I was going for vagina, but due to a collosal brain fart I completely forgot the other meaning. I knew there was a reason my brain immediately went to the letter C first, but I didn't want to offend anyones sensitivites. HAHAHA!

Wow. Glad that got cleared up. One or more of us was going to have to find the time and the money to jump the pond to collect that card.

And I dont think Mrs. Jeff would have been so happy with me.

Speaking or Mrs. Jeff, last night around beginning of sox half of 3rd, after Aceves stellar work of the first two, she commented as young Josh Riddick was making his way to 3rd base, that he was really cute. To which I immediately replied, "he would be a lot cuter if he could pitch for us"

Speaking of pitching, hopefully Lackey throws a good one today. I'd hate to see our boys drop 2 of three to lowly San Diego.

Well, all I gotta say is that while you guys are counting freckles, I'll be examining the other goods on display.

John Lackey BLOWS.

Pretty freckles (into which, I confess, I am not) won't save you now.

Can anyone confirm whether this is the first time any pitcher has ever earned 3 runs in a row by HBP, BB, and WP (any order)?

I mean...woof, that was bad today. I couldn't stay the whole game, I'm watching the end from home where I can dry out.

Not too many sundresses at Fenway as we speak...and I concur,there aren't many things cuter than a realdoll in a pretty sundress.

SDU's got his lc-autographed "Surly, but Lovable (tm)" hat on today.


Oh, and for the record, SDU is NEVER wrong - and most certainly not about Lackey sucking.

Rob's right, of course.

SDU, has the young Bruins fan calmed down yet? Or still celebrating the victory with many pints of milk?

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