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Keeping perspective

I keep telling myself, "Don't be greedy. Don't be greedy."


Seriously. Still are in first. Still are 9 of last 10. Still have the best record in the AL.


And let's not forget a momentum killing day off and having to face Shields.


Yeah, though I feel really badly for the Timmah. He pitched a fine game.


But the glass is still half-full.




We live in Days of Glory. Don't ever forget it.

in re Bruins:

I told Mrs. lc last night that Game 7 of the SCF is equal to the Super Bowl. It's epic, monstrous. Today's miothermics are unmatched by any, save the SB and, let's face it Game 7 vs. the yankeebos in 2004. Being born as I was in the Truman Administration (look it up), and having been raised by caribou near the Canadian border, two things kept me connected to the outside world: Pirates games on KDKA in the summer (100,000 watts on the lightning stick) and Bruins games in the winter (ditto, WBZ). I didn't play hockey or understand it until my spawn started skating at ages 5 and 4, respectively. I was in college in 1972 (look it up again) and, well, ok, wasn't really paying attention, so to speak. So, for me, tonight's event is pretty cool, not to mention the fact that I will be dead the next time the Bruins get in the SCF.

Go B's. may a pogonip descend on Thelma and Louise at the Rogers arena tonight, only to be parted by the Cup being hoisted by Timmy T.


B's need to score first, and early, to hopefully rattle Luongo and take this Game 7. I can't wait. Go B's!

As for the other Timmah, we can't ask for much more than 7 innings, 1 earned run from him. I just hate losing in TB and having to listen to those fucking cowbells. Hopefully Beckett silences them tonight.

Well said, lc. But the big story should be today how Hizzoner Mumbles the Mayor has killed the planned Game 7 party at the Garden that everyone else wants, but the Mayor says would be unsafe for all involved...you know, because of the kids who might see someone do something bad.

It's the kind of dick move that keeps Boston from being a truly world-class city. It doesn't even make sense...what if we'd stolen one in Vancouver and won it all in Game 6? Would they have had to play to an empty arena because to allow the fans at the final game at home would have been too unsafe?? It's just absurd and we're all the poorer for it.

The continued audacity of the cops to bring up the 3 post-series celebration deaths that have happened as an excuse for the kind of riot geared overreactionaries that they send out these days is equally disgusting...you know, considering 1 of those 3 died because they shot her in the eye with a pepper pellet and another 1 died while in their custody.

Either way, I'll be down just outside The Garden watching the game amongst the mob with some friends. They haven't lost when I've watched the games at The Greatest Bar, so fingers crossed and Go Bruins!

It would have taken a gem by Wake to have a chance against Shields yetserday. Oh, wait, he DID pitch a gem. Let's face it, Shields is a very good pitcher and was really on his game. It happens.

As for the Bruins, they don't have a chance in Vancouver. Let's just leave it at that, if you know what I mean.

I'll put game 7 of the Stanley Cup ahead of the Super Bowl and any other game 7. Personally, I think hockey players are the more talented of the pro-sports in this country (although they are not the genetic outliers that play in the NBA). The NHL has been relatively devoid of drug and alcohol problems because you need to be in peak condition when on the ice. You can hit a HR when hungover, or run up and down the court on coke, etc. Try that in the NHL and you would leave the game on a stretcher (or worse). I'll agree with Bob - the B's don't have a snowball's chance in hell to win the Cup. Given that most people in this country would not watch game 7 of the SC if it was in their back yard, I am hoping it is carried in Chicago tonight.

Total lunar eclipse tonight-didn't something similar happen in 2004??

@HR. awesome pickup. There was a total lunar eclipse on 10.28.2004, the day after you know what was reversed.

Kaz, you'd better watch out. If you keep sounding so libertarian re: how we've given our freedom away bit by bit to an overly oppressive nanny state that curtails our liberties by fiat in the name of "safety," "public health" or some similar ruse, then you're gonna get your good government bullshit (as Ray Liotta said in Goodfellas) card revoked.

But Menino may actually be doing something prudent:

HB, I love it when you take your lead from NESN: Cy Young...Christy Mathewson...Bob Feller...Sandy Koufax...Bob Gibson...JAMES SHIELDS!!!

Might be a NY Rangers fan, but I'm rooting for your guys tonight. Good luck, and keep Vancouver Cupless.

My take on tonight's police state a la "Bruins Hockey Rules":


lmao, Kaz. That was funny.

If you thought that was funny, Rob, you should see it when I spell Varitek's name *right*!



B's!!! Nice!

I am ordering a B's lunch pail.

Well. THAT was satisfying!

Congratulations, Bruins!

...and Beckett shuts out T.B.

The Sox had a game tonight?

It's okay to be greedy tonight.

Kaz, that was awesome. And nice reverse gooch Bob

Talk about greedy, going into the third period, I was saying to myself, "Please let Timmuh win this with a shutout" rather than just wanting a win.

because of the kids who might see someone do something bad.

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