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I bucked one and Timbuktu

I don't know about you guys but I'm feeling pretty friggin Timtastic this morning.


Absolutely. I'm totally blissed out with the happy wooziness that comes aftah first one, then anothah, multiple Timgasms.


On the earth, our opponents will be in anguish and perplexity at the roaring and tossing of the sea... Behold the Timpocalypse!



It's the Timpture. All of our enemies are left behind.

Short and sweet. Timtastic.



Nothing is sweeter than an opponents arrogance being smacked off their fuckin' faces.

Tim the Enchanter!!

How crazy is it that the Red Sox went from having the worst record in baseball to having the best record in the AL?

Also, Timstravaganza.

It's the TIMs of the season.

Nice of Jeter to kill that rally last night. Canucks seem to be on the ropes. Our Cup runneth over?


Tim, Timothy, Tim, Timothy, Tim, Tim Oh Thee.
One throws a knuckleball,
One blasts Sedins.

Tim, Timothy, Tim, Timothy, Tim, Tim Or Two.
Our Cups® runneth ovah
What more can we co?

Tim, Timothy, Tim, Timothy, Tim, Tim Oh Thee.
We want to to thank Jesu
For Thelma and Louise®

We want to to thank Jesu
For Thelma and Louise®



Now, try to get that tune out of your heads.

You're welcome.

Fan-Timmah-tastic evening. Oh, and really loved the latest 'Not in MY crease' move by Timmah taking on Biter Burrows late in the game. That just made the shutout even sweeter.

Tim and vigor.

Now is the Tim
For all good Bruins
To come to the aid
Of Lord Stanley

Lc, you beat me to it. My second verse was Tim Timothy Tim Timothy Tim Tim Teroo, Enjoy my knuckleball shit sandwich I serve you.

And the stinkin song was already stuck in my head. Now its cemented in for a long while.

Any comments on Pedy being hurt? Or is that a buzz kill.

Who are you who can summon fire without flint or tinder?

There are some who call me... Tim.

Vaso, I hear the worst case scenario is that Pedy gets surgery and misses a month. That's bad and all, but with the knee injury he's not hitting anyway, so best to get it taken care of asap.

Sound the shawm horn and strike the Tim-pany; skanks feeling Tim-orus.
This is too much fun.
Here in Jamaica, coverage is iffy, but was able to watch the first two games, and the schedule sez the 3rd will be on as well.

I love it, so touching and predictable: Still more excited about beating New York than anything else...There's nothing better that having a losing record head to head vs. Boston and winning the division, which is what will happen in 2011.

Dream on, Jason. Your gig hook can't ruin my glee. You're whistling in the dark, brother.

Haven't heard from Big Bri for a while-I wonder why that is?

Have we ever done the study to determine if Jason O and Big Bri are the same person? You know, like Frank Zappa and Leon Redbone.

I don't know Jason, perhaps being less concerned about bat-flips, and more concerned about your pitching staff would work for the Skanks? Don't worry though, CC "Cee Lo" Flabathia is on the mound tonight (if he can steer away from the buffet) And yes,I have to say that kicking the crap out of the arrogant, self-important, sense of entitlement AJ Burnetts of the world always feels good to me, no matter what the standings say (although we are in first).


It seems we all joined the T. Party yesterday.

I think someone needs a refresher: a win is a win is a win, whether game 8 or game 52 or game 161, they all count towards the total that determines who wins the division. I exult in last night mostly for its winny winny mcwinningness, although yeah, it's sweeter that it comes against the Yanks, because I hate them. Same as getting a promotion over a dude I hate at the office would be sweeter than beating out a friend: the promotion is still what matters, but the turn of the knife along the way makes it extra bloody goodness.

I don't know about everyone else Jason, but I'm just happy the Sox are in first. Whether it came at the expense of the Twins or Yanks, I could give a shit.

Would saying 'neener-neener' here would be a bit too much?

h.b. -- great title on today's strip. A multi-level play on words.

Actually, a thing that is better than "having a losing record head to head vs. Boston and winning the division, which is what will happen in 2011" is having a winning record against New York and being in first place. and winning the division. yep. that is indeed better. Ahhh, schadenfreude

Eff you, Bob. After reading the strip, I was going to use the expression 'Timpture' in a comment, but I signed on late and you already took the term and rolled it into a funnier line than I could ever produce.

Vermonter: Think Andy Kaufman and Tony Clifton.

Wait, wait...how about "A Tale of Two Timmies"? Is that funny?

For the Yanks and Canucks it was a Bittersweet Timphony.


Timfully delicious?

BTW, has anyone sauntered over to Grantland, the new Simmons/Klosterman ego fest? Kind of a snooze so far, and it has the look and feel of its pseudo-partner McSweeneys- a weird vibe for a pop culture/sports blog.

I checked out Grantland a little bit yesterday and agree; some of the content was appealing but most of it was a bit of a bore. The articles are pretty long too. Who can waste an afternoon there (especially when you're busy wasting your time here)? Tim is of the essence...

I was delighted to hear Tim Thomas say that he had given Burroughs a 'love tap'. That is an expression my father used to employ at Rugby League games in the 1970s and 1980s. As I have commented here before, he also said "I don't know how they brew it [beer] so cheap". Timlarious.

You guys are on a roll today. So nice it's like a Timphany, so funny I think I Bruined my pants.

'scuse me.

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