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Hub o' the world

Well, Vancouvians, you may have free health care but you don't have the Stanley Cup.


Who knew that Canadians, renowned for being well-mannered and polite, had it in 'em.


I guess the Canucks fans are exactly what Joe Strummah had in mind when he penned "White Riot."


Meanwhile, with the Bruins hoisting the Stanley Cup, the circle has been squared.


What began with the Patriots in February of 2002 and then carried on through the Red Sox and the Celtics...


Boston — the greatest sports city of the 21st Century.


Speaking of... while the Bruins were putting the "boo" in Caribou, Josh Beckett went out and and was 1 hit from a perfect game.


Somebody staht crackin' the lobstah, because we're on a friggin roll.



Things I like:

1. The Stanley Cup

2. Henrik and Daniel Cabrine

3. Invisible complete game one hittahs by a red-ass

That is all.

historically, lc

Congrats to the 2011 Bruins! What's up with Beckett throwing a one hitter when no one is watching?

Beckett was a slow roller infield hit away from a perfect game. Not to get greedy (again), but that would have been something on the night the Bruins win the Cup.

Oh, and LC: given that Henrik and Daniel played like fertilizer, would that make them zy-goats?

Well, I think I voided the warranty on my real doll...

Love that Timmah threw a shutout in SC Game 7. 8 goals allowed in 7 games against a (formerly) high powered offense is awesome. Let's get those duck boats a-rolling!!!

Unbelievable series--the B's proved that their talent does match up with the Canucks. Yes, they had more heart and wanted it more, but they were the better team, the more disciplined team. Back in '72, I expect many more Orr-lead Cups--now, I'm incredibly thankful for this one. On top of that, the first Bruins goal and Youk's 3 run homer came about one minute apart--the only time I flipped channels during the entire game. Circling the square, indeed!

Vancouver, and specifically the Sedin twins, didn't play like a team but rather like each one was going to make miracle plays by themselves. The Bruins played like a team and they won. Congrats from NJ and enjoy it!

First hockey game I've watched on TV beginning to end since I don't know when; maybe the Miracle on Ice game from the 80 Olympics.

Anybody know if any other city can claim a championship in each of the 4 big sports in a 10 year period?

I think this series really came down to who wanted it more. Sorry, Canada, but Tim Thomas wouldn't budge.
And Beckett! Wow. I'm glad we can leave you alone and still get the job done.
My attention's all on you now...

Let the baseball season begin- nice to know we're in first place where we belong

Did you all hear that Luongo took the loss really hard? Stepped in front of a bus to end it all...but it went through his legs.

Aaaoohhh...is this thing on?...

I actually did feel a bit of sympathy for the crying Canucks. Showed the heartbreak side and I feel for them, a little.

The joke is still funny, though.

I think Ponch nailed it- they were all trying to win it single-handed instead of as a team.

Gotta go- have an appointment at the Luongo quick lube. Free hair oil AND they pump your tires while you wait

You stay classy, Vancouver!

I can taste the tin of the sky --- the real tin thing.
Winter dawn is the color of metal,
The trees stiffen into place like burnt nerves.
All night I have dreamed of destruction, annihilations ---
An assembly-line of cut throats.

Party on Vancouver.
Summer in Boston begins...!

Break out the castration rings,Vancouver ;O

...and give Roberto a pump for me ;))

HA, Buck, free hair oil and a tire pump...nice.

If you have riotous friends in Vancouver you can ID them for the police on this FB page: "Vancouver Riot Pics: Post Your Photos". It's the civil thing to do.

I can't believe we haven't run that slacker Belichick out of town yet. What's he done for us lately?

Ok, Red Sox, it's your ball. Pick it up and run with it!

So, Soxaholix crew, you are most welcome for all the titles. What, you ask, is this infrequent commenter talking about?

I moved from Boston to DC in Feb. 2001. In that time, Boston has become Titletown, USA. Here in DC, we had a plane dropped on us, anthrax in the mail, and got shot at gas stations. Fear not, I will be staying here for awhile, so the 2011 Sox should be in fine shape.

Great game. I was dreading a close game with OT. PS - our friends to the north just call it a 'Blue'. Love Marchand compared to Ken Linseman.

// our friends to the north just call it a 'Blue' //

Like their balls.

What time does the parade start? Probably at 20 after Luongo!

(for you Vt'er and Buck)

And in some locales where the Labatts Blue is a given, you just order a Heavy or Light. Lots of upstate NY locales with such shorthand barspeak.

I was able to sit in a Buffalo Wild Wings Cafe last night and watch both games at same time, left eye on sox, right eye on bruins - literally. If I happened to pay too much attention to Beckett, the highly pro Bruin crowd here in Wilminton, NC would bring the attention back to hockey. A fine service they performed for me.

More than championships in all four sports in one decade -- we are starting towards all four championships in one year. Red Sox look good, so now it will be time for the Patriots and Celtics to get it together!

@Joe (and others) - Han Solo's line leaps to mind here:

"Great, kid. Don't get cocky."


@COD, according to Mike & Mike this am, the previous record for championships in all 4 major sports was held by NYC, who did it in a 13 year span. They noted, however, that if Plaxico-shot-himself hadn't made that miracle catch, it would have been 4 championships in the 4 major sports in just 5 years (not to bring up bad memorys for you Pats fans).

Dudes et Dudettes,

Little late chiming in to say, Congratulations on the Bruins win. You were the better team and built for the playoffs.

I haven't had time to read the comments and well, as a cop, I was a little busy last night and slept late.

Anyway, Let's go red sox...clap, clap, clapclapclap.

@vancouversf Stay safe. you have an awesome city, nothwithstanding the knuckleheads on display. There but for the grace of Jacoby go us.


wasn't out keeping the streets safe but late here anyway. Didn't know Canadians knew how to riot - nice work taking notes from the Greeks. Great game last night and series. The Hub remains the center of the universe - although getting relegated to p. 2 in the SF Chronicle this AM was a bit of a shitshow.

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