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Gettin so hongry!

You know, if the offense evah comes around, I think this team may end up being pretty good. Heh.


3 consecutive sweeps?


The 2nd 10-2 stretch aftah the 2-10 nut crunchah to open the season?


I'm happiah than a buck naked Anthony Weinah with a the latest version of Photo Booth and an hour to spare.


You know at the staht of this 9 game stretch with the MFYs and the Jays and Rays, I was thinking I'd be really happy to go 5-4...


And I thought even 4-5 would be OK.


Now anything less than 8-1 is gonna feel like a let down.


Absolutely. This is why winning is like Chinese food... no mattah how much you have, 2 hours latah you want more.



These sweeps are so delicious. Forget one from column A, one from column B, and one from column C. I want three from each. (And Cameron Diaz can feed it to me.)

...and vice versa ;D

I kinda felt bad for Toronto the last two days. Seemed a bit like HS softball: like they should have called the game once the score differential got particularly egregious out of respect. It was awesome. Although having an off-day today scares me, hope it does not dampen the momentum.

Since 2-10, we've played 0.700 baseball.

Let that marinate for a while.

Also, go B's.

The Weinah quote is priceless.

Only h.b. can liken winning to eating Chinese food and sound wise and prophetic doing so. Good one, h.b.

The guy I feel for is our own John Farrell. Having the team he did so many good things for repay him with a wholloping like that seems a bit harsh. Still, small potatoes vs. the excellence that is the Red Sox the last couple weeks. So fun to read the papers in the morning again.

I suddenly feel like some lobstah roll this morning. Being in DC, I'll settle for crab cakes.

Ya well, went to Toronto for the three game set. I would echo Nat's sentiments. Toronto is a bad team. Rogers Center is a good pahk, but they have hockey-rinked it up, with Boom Kapow, visual exclamation points, which makes it even more pathetic. I have been to a few pahks recently where the product on the field is obscured by the digital hoo-hah, and TO has fallen into that trap. A few observations:

1. J Bautista is the only thing they have going for them. So, Friday night was a four hour "Vote For Jose" flog-fest, complete with buttons, "campaign" ads and t-shirts. He'll make the All-Star team, relax up there.

2. Saturday, what to say? 16-4? Was it? I kind of lost track. Friday night's third baseman pitched in the 8th or ninth for the Jays, topping out at 75 mph. Saving the bully for Sunday I guess, How did that work out?

3. Ok, Sunday. I was sure I was going to see a no-hittah by Dashboard Lestah, except that pesky JB screamed a linah off the top of the CF fence that bounced up and out. Ells was pissed he didn't catch it. Lestah was, to put it mildly, unhittable. The problem was, he kept having to sit in the dugout waiting for the carousel of RS runners to get three outs, mostly by means of JD Drew K's. Man, does Drew look like shit. Papi's HR was one of the hardest hit balls I have ever seen, rising, as it hit the lower deck in right field.

4. On my eternal quest for beer more expensive than that at Fenway, I have succeeded. Rogers sells a half litre can of Stella for CDN$10.25. For those of you scoring at home, that's USD$10.50. Tasty, but expensive. It's 5% beer, but still.

5. This pretty much sums things up

your pal,


Soulie, I don't know if they have it down your way right now or just up here so far, but Panera has a "Lobster roll" on their ciabatta bread that I saw made the other day. Looked good, but I hear it's also nearly $20.

Seriously, LC? Anyone in Toronto claiming that "they" won at hockey because Vancouver has a chance to win the Stanley Cup is like the Red Sox claiming victory for any time the Yankees beat the NL.

The Maple Leafs are perennial losers with a huge loyal fan base. They should identify with Sox fans. Whoever wrote that chalkboard is not a true Maple Leafs fan. Yeesh.

Nice wrap up, lc. Go Bruins!!

Kaz, it is indeed down here, and indeed $20. It looks so good, but way to much mayo. Totally obscures the lobster.

My brain is having trouble processing this Kaz + Panera + Lobster roll thing.

It feels wrong on so many levels.

I think "panera" is Adzerbajani for "sashimi". Doers that help at all hb?

Hey, I'm just trying to help a guy get some lobster if he wants some lobster.

This is pretty funny:


Kaz, you are right about the Toronto chalkboard. Toronto fans want to see the Canucks win the Cup about as much as they want to eat glass.

Just heard the the reason LeBron was so disinterested in fourth quarters is that he's distracted. Seems that Bosh has been sleeping with Mama LeBron. What a burden for this ersatz champion.

Just got home from a weekend in Boston. After the Sox scored 30 runs in 2 days, my friends said I can come back any time I want, especially if it's in October. I did the Fenway tour before heading out of town this morning and it was f*cking awesome. Can't believe how well things are going right now; I'll be happier if it's like this later on in the season.

Column on Lackey at grantland.com. "perhaps the most hated man in the AL East"?? Hmm. I can think of a couple Yankees above him on that list.

I'm happy to report that Panera's lobster 'sandwich' does not have excess mayo, and if you buy it as part of their "you pick 2" combo you get a pile of lobster meat on a palm size cibatta bread sandwich, plus soup or salad for less than $14 (your price may vary). Thanks Kaz!!

Fireworks going off all around the apartment, Bruins fans making a rukus downstairs. All is good. Let's make it Championship #7 of the Golden Age.

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