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Baseball summer

I'm gonna go out on a limb here...


But something tells me the Bruins need to find a way to win in Vancouver if they plan to sip champagne from Lord Stanley's cup.


I tell you what. Unlike the Quelle Canule, at least the Bruins have been in every game as the away team.


Win or lose, I am looking forward to the the close out of the NHL season and a return to a 100% focus on baseball and baseball alone for the rest of the summah.


♫ Summahtime and the livin is easy / Bats are hittin' / and the pitchahs are fine.


♪ Oh, your payroll's rich / And your Papi's good lookin / There goes young Ellsbury / BigBri's gonna cry.



When do the Pat's start 2 a days?? Just kidding ;D

who is this BigBri you speak of?

Oh, right

Best. Link. Ever.

Thanks, L.C.

I'll second that ;O

Awesome, lc.

Thread over. LC wins.


FTW. Fucking phone...

Love the streak. The ten puns are already coming. Saw a "hang ten" headline earlier...

Nice to see LeBron James in net for the Canucks last night.

Think you are mistaken, yaz. LeBromination disappears in the final period, not the first. :)

That Sasha Baron Cohen dude in the mask needs to get over his cathisophobia.

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