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Au naturel

And that, my friends, is what you call a mothahfucking sweep.


Go easy now... I read a comment on a creep website yestahday implying that somehow Red Sox fans taking an especial joy in beating the Yankees is evidence of a latent inferiority complex.


Yeah, yeah, what friggin evah...


I know typical Yankees fan desire to change the subject when they know they are getting their asses beat down.


And the "inferiority" angle is such complete bullshit.


I mean our dislike for the Yankees and unabashed joy in beating them isn't just about emotion, it's in our friggin DNA.


It's Nature with a capital "N"...


Look...Does the Jack Russell feel inferiah to the rat?


Does the Eagle feel inferiah to the snake?


Does the Orca feel inferiah to the seal?


No, no, and fuck no!




So I say, summon your innah Red Sox Jack Russell as you shake and snap the Yankee rat neck in your natural expression of joy in knowing for the first time since 1913, the Red Sox have swept two three-game series from the Yankees in New York.


So I say, summon your innah Red Sox eagle pwnage as you swoop down and grab the Yankee snake in your talons knowing the the Sox are 8-1 against the Yankees this season and have outscored them 60-37.


So I say, summon your innah Red Sox Orca as you toss the Yankee baby seal into the air before crushing its tendah blubbah in your mighty winnahs in 15 of the last 20 games Red Sox orca jaw.


You, my sweetness, are one righteous, bitch.


Kinda words have nevah been spoken.



I'm in ur toilet boel, hittin' ur pichtez.

Oh yeah and I heart Circle. I'd ike to take that bitch out for a steak dinner.

I must have the Tendah Blubbah T-shirt. This is not negotiable.

Guess I was dead wrong about neither team sweeping.

Or was I???? (Reverse gooch anyone?)

"Bonk,bonk,on the side of the head-bonk on the side of the head" ;D

Were those plans for the Yankees winning the division made before or after the news of Joba's surgery?

Summon your innah Bobby Oahh...

I love it when Circle says Mothahfucking. I don't know why.

I woke up this morning to a mix of joy and regret: I had stayed up to watch the Sox game... through the sixth inning! I can only console myself by imagining how my Yankee-fan friends feel today (a well-timed phone call, perhaps?).

I saw the Orca/Seal panel and thought "WTF does Oprah have to do with a seal?" Orca Winfrey? It works. Paging Dr. Freud ...

Love good, old fashioned sweeps.
Maybe now we can all focus on playing and not hitting batters...

The Orca and the seal are just very good, long-time friends. So leave them along.

Bob, I just got a note from Durty Nelly's on Facebook telling me that they're open at 8 AM today for Bloody Marys and egg sandwiches....

...so if you're posting here this morning, then they must also have free WiFi now too, right? ;)

Their tender blubber is also excellent, Kaz.

Great strip, Your Highness. And now that the sweep mission is accomplished, let's hope the Bruins keep the Boston mojo rolling in Vancouver tonight!

Sox have best record in the AL. Not bad after a 2-10 start!!

Big game tonight. The winner of Game 5 goes on to win the entire series historically around 75-80% of the time in the NHL.

It's time to get your Black and Yellow on tonight.

Time to rip the Ca-f#*ks a new one.

Speaking of which, that woman who had her face torn off by a chimp just had a face transplant at Brigham & Women's. The surgeon's name was Dr. Zira.


No one made the "Circle can grab my snake anytime..." comment yet? I'll assume that's because everyone was up watching through game's end and hadn't made it over to Durty Nellie's yet this morning...

I just hope the MFY fans can think back fondly on their standing ovation for Ortiz's HBP. Funny thing is, we're still winning that particular contest, too.

@Rob, I woulda made that comment alas I've not a snake to grab. Trouser or otherwise.

Although, if she wishes to shuck my orca, I'd be more than obliging.

Circle shucking pseudo's orca...now THAT has my mind a-racing...

can I get a Circle Real Doll(tm) ovah heah?

CC "Tendah Blubbah" Sabbathia

Those poor Yankee fans that had to wait 3.5 hours for the game to start and another several just to, yet again, watch them lose.

Who here doubts that if Georgie were still alive and in control Joe Girardi would be fired this morning?

No doubt, LarryE. The one thing I miss about Georgie being gone is the TV shots of Cashman in his booth looking like he wants to puke whenever the Sox are pounding the mfy's.

@pseudo -- (best Ed McMahon voice) Hey Oh!!

Orcas vary their diet occasionally.

So does the guy wwho came up with the 'Joba Rules' still have a job? If so, why?

One of my MFY friends posted today, "At least we don't have a guy with a neck tattoo." That's what they're hanging their hats on in the Bronx.

Michael Kay scornfully referred to the whole Ortiz/HPB thing as 'a media creation.' Pot pot pot!

Oh somebody's got to get out there with a Free Willy joke or Imma explode over here.

Mystique and Aura,baby!!

that's easy, pseudo. Rep Anthony Weiner, (D-MFY), has free willies all around

A hearty handclap and a well-earned nod in your direction Mr. h.b for today's strip.

I must say I had some trepidation about visiting the site during the Cup finals between your B's and my beloved Canucks (or Bob, is that Ca-f*cks?)....but it has been all good and perhaps not as nasty as it could be given all of our collective flips of the bird in the Skankees direction.

BTW when Big Papi tells Girardi to take it like a man do you think he means like a man in prison; b/c that is what the Big Guy did figuratively did to the Skanks all series!

BREAKING NEWS...Vancouver Canucks have released an official statement regarding goaltender Roberto Luongo. They blame his poor play due to illness. It was discovered last night that he is pregnant after completely missing the last five periods!!! Henrik was thought to be the father but he hasn't scored all series

(welcome back, vancouver :-)

Bada-Boom!....Thanks Buck!

Well played, Buck!

For you NBA fans:

I was outside the American Airlines Arena in Dallas yesterday and I needed change for a dollar. I asked LeBron James for it and he took my dollar and gave me back $0.75. I told him I want the rest, but he said, "Sorry, I don't have a fourth quarter."

That deserves a rim-shot, Kaz!

Luongo gets the call tonight. Thank you Vancouver.

Thanks Buckner, I needed a good laugh. I check in everyday, but mostly lurk. Thanks for your work and talents HB.

Well, I have to head into a "ruin the rest of my Friday" meeting soon. So have a great weekend all.

Hopefully we'll have something fun to yak about on Monday.


I am in the Belly of the Beast, currently.

Here's hoping that our sisters to the North cough up a couple more tonight

LC, on assignment.

Glad to know the crew meets at Durty Nellies. I'll be the one singing "The Wire" themesong with Warner after our win on 6/20.

I loved every minute of Thursday night and stayed up watching the Sox until 1 am. Wanted to see the whole game but just couldn't do it. Gotta love Jerry and Don estimating how much sleep they were going to get (as in not much if any). But Wait? Frank Zappa and Leon Redbone are/were the same guy?

I loved every minute of Thursday night and stayed up watching the Sox until 1 am. Wanted to see the whole game but just couldn't do it. Gotta love Jerry and Don estimating how much sleep they were going to get (as in not much if any). But Wait? Frank Zappa and Leon Redbone are/were the same guy?

Hey there sweep^2

You're welcome.


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