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Ain’t no ordinary finches

OK, you know what I hate more than anything about these impromptu losing streaks?


They're fucking boring. That's what they are. Bore-or-or-ing.


And I don't just mean "boring" in the simple sense, you know that of an unwelcome confinement or monotony, though there is that...


No, I'm talking about boredom on the existential level — During a Red Sox losing streak, the condition of existence *itself* is boring.


So it's like how Byron put it in Don Juan, Red Sox Nation "is now one polish’d horde, / Form’d of two mighty tribes, the Bores and Bored"?


Not quite. The pink hattah slash talk on cellphone during the game crowd are universally immune to boredom.


Yeah, why is that?


It's genetic.


Genetic? OK but how exactly does an inability to experience boredom equate to a species advantage?


Think about it... When the inevitable Singularity event occurs and the human race becomes subservient to our robot ovahlords, who is in a bettah position for survival —

Those with a predisposition to world-weariness and Sartrean nausea or those smiling bemusedly aftah their umpteenth consecutive hour of playing Angry Birds?





Today's strip was inspired by reading a NYT's review of Boredom: A Lively History.

That game was boring till the offense finally woke up in the 7th and made it interesting. Still we got two solid starts from Aceves, so it was probably a matter of time before we got a Lackey-like performance from him. Hopefully Timmah rights the ship this afternoon, and the Bruins take care of business tonight!

Open the pod bay door, HAL.

And thanks for the reference to the Times article. Interesting.

Bare the bore. Be the bear.

Go B's.

See...the ball....be the ball

The absence of Bryon-quoting colleagues reminds me why I got out of public accounting.

At least we have the Bruins...

Rich's classic quote reminds me of another classic hockey movie one:
"What are you guys doing?"
"Puttin' on the foil!"
"Every game"
"Yeah, you want some?"

...but the Canucks have their own version...creepy


What's bettah than "Satrean Nausea"?

OK let's hit the reset button again, for the second time, and there's NO DOUBT, WITH THIS LINEUP, THIS TEAM WILL BE THE GREATEST RED SOX TEAM IN HISTORY MINUS THE FIRST 50 GAMES!!

I kid, I kid, who loves you, baby?

And yet, J.O., one whole game behind the Skanks. So far, the Red Sox have been like starting an Indy car. Sometimes it takes a few tries to get it going, but when it finally does, look out.

Ain't no ordinary bitches.

Thanks for the best misread of the day h.b.

and then I shitted myself, but it was in the most awesome way.

shitted. awesome.


What the fuck is a Canuck anyway?

Or Words with Friends...

I believe Canuck is Canadian for "I'll bite your fucking finger off."


So the John Thomas of the Redsox rotation is having Tommy John surgery. Hopefully he heals faster than he pitches. Sayonara.

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