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A loss and a win

3 and a third innings?! Are you shitting me?


Yeah, talk about your premature exasperation.


Can't Lackey get some therapy for that?


Or at least some regulah sessions with a Real Doll?


With the money and years left on Lackey's contract, I'm afraid it's something we're gonna have to learn to live with.


At least when Buchholz returns, the damage from Lackey can be limited.


Meanwhile, hello, Whitey!


Brought down by his girlfriend's vanity. LMAO.


Osama bin Laden, check. Whitey B, check. Next?



Now if they could just find Whitey's brother, the pension extortion artist. Oh. Wait. He's in plain sight in Southie? (Don't get me started.)

Lackey's premature exasperation (great phrase H.B.) can be effectively treated with a numbing agent. It's called alcohol.

Maybe Lackey should try NOT thinking about baseball in order to prolong his outings. I know I try not to think about baseball when he is pitching. Hasn't helped much yet, unfortunately...


Why, OJ's wife's REAL killer, of course.

This just in: SDU's STILL right about Lackey. :-)

Soxinsix, during the game Lackey's been thinking about pitching to his mother, but obviously that hasn't helped.

So what's the record for number of consecutive days that a Real Doll has been mentioned on a blog? This creepy site has to be on the verge of becoming the Internet's premier compendium of Real Doll references.

Not that there is anything wrong with that.

I love having a day game so I can actually watch the whole thing without the sleep depravation that comes along with it. I hate to say I gave up during the second rain delay, and by the look of the box score this morning I made the right decision. Lackey just puts my nerves on edge.

Guys, forget baseball for a sec, JUSTIN BIEBER is next door to my apartment!!!1!1! The squealing from the street has risen 11 floors and pierced my eardrums til they bleed.

Does he have Selena with him??

...and does she have a fat lip??

Natalie, you don't happen to have a mail-order Carcano anywhere in the apartment, do you?

Who's Justin Bieber?

watching the game on Gameday yesterday was a series of WTF moments:

Walk - run scores.
HBP - run scores.
Wild pitch - run scores.

I could only imagine the booing, which had to have been loud.

What's hilarious about that statement, Bob, is that were I to have a Carcano and the impulse to use it, I could have very effectively sniped, as the ABC View studios parking lot is right below my window.

Yesterday's strip got me all worked up for freckled decolletage. Reality sucks.

Then again. There's nothing wrong with a soaking wet sundress, is there?

Bob - Billy Bulger is among the finest public servants ever to grace the Bay State.

Maybe it's time to cut the Lackey cord. We're never going to get a return- and, if we cut the cord now, we have time to mesh something new together before AS break. Don't you wish we could just slap a "return to sender" sticker on his forehead and ship him to Anaheim?

ponch, it hasn't rained boos like that in Fenway for a LONG time. It was BAD...but it was necessary.

I'm not sure if there's a stat tracker out there that knows if that's ever even happened before. BB, HBP, and WP each for a run with the bases loaded by the same pitcher...woof.

Tito got a standing ovation by the 15,000 that were still at the game by that point. This has to be a turning point for Lackey. Either he knuckles up and takes a "I'll show you!" attitude to the fans or he knuckles under and goes to sleep (on his big pile of unearned money).

Natalie I now have enough information to commence STALKFEST 2011. You have been warned. Teal dresses at ten paces!


Why John Lackey of course.

Doesnt that asshole need a Tommy John exile or something? If I were Aceves I'd want to know why I am getting paid less for similar suckitude as a starter.

Osama: dead.
Whitey: caught.
OJ Simpson: admits to murdering Nicole!

No joke. It just hit the wire. What's next?? Here are some of my predictions:

* Conservative Republican James Inhofe holding a presser to announce climate change AND evolution are both REAL!
* Diaries discovered in an old trunk in Germany prove Hitler was actually homosexual!
* A former CIA operative is going to step forward and accept the blame for the JFK assassination!
* Workers in NYC finding Jimmy Hoffa's body!
* Lance Armstrong is going to admit to doping all of his Tour wins!
* Neil Armstrong will admit to the moon landing being a hoax!

STALKFEST 2011? Sounds awesome. When & where, pseudo?

Be Proud -

Sports Illustrated is reporting that John Lackey is now the worst pitcher in MLB.

Something everyone around here already knew ;D

Rob, did you have inside info or is this an incredibly spooky coincidence?

Rob in CT, er, SA,

Now that you covered the OJ thing, could you please tell me the winning numbers for the next Powerball drawing?

Ok, Oprah's reps are walking this story back. So, supposedly the National Enquirer spoke to one of Oprah's producers who said that they got the confession during a prison interview. This is what got out to other news orgs. Then, some rep for Oprah just started saying to the news orgs that it wasn't true after all...Oprah *wishes* she got him to confess but wasn't able to (or something like that). So, now, who knows if it's true or not...but I'm guessing not.

Wow, just read some of the Oprah quotes about trying to get O.J. to 'confess' to her, she comes off as a sensationalist tv-journo scumbag. Yay for her.

All this and no baseball tonight...hmph.

Sorry, all. I can claim no prognosticative powers. Just trying to throw out something silly and outrageous. Can't top OJ & Oprah in that regard. Was pretty weird though when Kaz brought it up.

Yossarian, I was about to run down to the gas station and buy a lotto ticket myself after reading Kaz' comment! If I get rich, there's gonna be one HELL of a Soxaholix party at a local bar. Any of those in Boston?

Totally off-topic, since it is Red Sox related...Curt Schilling made an appearance on the OOTP boards.


Natalie, somebody beat us to it:


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