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Yin and Yang

Well, tough to open a homestand with a loss, but in my personal universe, it's a short work week, so the loss is made moot.


Yeah, besides, now that we are all aboard the bandwagon of what these guys are capable of even back to back losses are no sweat.


Did you happen to catch that FanGraphs Q&A with A-Gon?


Yeah, totally friggin illuminating...


My fave quote —

"Hitting is simple. We make it complicated."


Does that remind you of anything?


"I see the ball. I hit the ball." – Manny Ramirez.




Manny understood deeply everything Gonzalez is talking about, though, he'd never hear him lay it all out the way A-Gon does.


Manny was 100% pure Dionysian, while A-Gon, not unlike Teddy Ballgame, has a touch of the Apollonian in him.



I hate Canucks. Bring back the Cup.

Agreed - No need to sweat back to back losses. But I am glad May is over for Lester. Other than the Cleveland game he pitched pretty poorly, even if he did get some wins thanks to the Sox offense. Hope he reverts to form in June.

Circle-you're so deep ;) (must be that Choate education)

Heh. Harwich said Deep Choate.

Circle has clearly read Camille Paglia's Sexual Personae.

Emund Muskie AND Deep Choate?? LOL

"Sherman,let's set the Way Back machine to the 1970's"

but wouldn't that make you Peabody Rich?

How about "See the mitt, hit the mitt" for Lestah?

At last night's game, and returned to NH with a foul ball off the bat of JDD. First one evah.

Good times.

yeah, pretty good team after all.


Actually when I travel,I prefer a Police Box ;D

It's all up from here.
Bobby Jenks is back today... so... yeah. There's that.
So, maybe it's all up from here starting tomorrow.

stop calling him AGon fr chrissakes! its an insult! he is adrian or Gonzo! a gon puts him in the A roid league

Noted re name change.

Meanwhile, while we're on the subject, I prefer to be addressed as "Your Highness."

It's always a good strip when Circle is involved. Heh. Circle, strip...

Thanks, Your Highness.

It's always a good strip when Circle is involved. Heh. Circle, strip...

Thanks, Your Highness.

A Gon, Adrian, Gonzo, whatever. As long as he keeps hitting the way he has been you can call him anything you want, Your Highness.

heh Long day, I think I need to see if I can raise my level of highness to your highness.

His Majesty approves of this endeavor, Jeff in NC, and grants you writ.

Even though the K-men (and women) showed how to turn A Gone into A-Goner so deftly in the first inning last night, you're right, blueslal: it's best to avoid the A Roid league.

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