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Brighter days ahead

A-Gon's in his groove and all is right with the world.


Don't look now but all of a sudden the Sox are in a 3-way tie for 2nd in the East.


Put away your umbrellas, put on your pink hats, it's fair weathah!


Seriously. All this *and* Lackey to the DL.


Yeah, he's gonna miss at least his next 3 stahts...


With "elbow strain."


And by elbow strain they mean, of course, that he's as useful as a dental dam on a Real Doll.


But not unexpectedly per Tito's loyalty to veterans, this means Wakefield will be taking Lackey's place in the rotation...


And Wake hasn't even been replacement level for the past 2 seasons.


Yeah, well, as absurd as it sounds, I'd rathah lose with Wakefield than lose with Lackey... it just feels bettah somehow.


Well, let's hope Lackey uses the time away to "heal" and work on his location, like, you know, locating his pitches somewhere in the National League.



Good luck trading Lackey's contract. The only team with enough money and too few brains to fall for that would be the...

Oh, wait a minute.

As long as we're dreaming of trading Lackey away, can we at least get a catcher back in the deal?

Lackey for Posada. It's so wrong on so many levels, and a terrible trade for both teams. There's a Guy de Maupassant story in there somewhere though.

Lackey to DL = addition by subtraction

I take full credit for the win last night. I sat down to watch the game, watched the Sox fall behind 6-0, and turned off the TV. Got news of the comeback on Twitter, went back to the TV and watched exactly one pitch, the HR that Aceves gave up. Then I turned off the TV again. Clearly my self-control in not watching at the end was the key.

As useful as a dental dam on a Real Doll. I am finally convinced that HB does not actually write this stuff but merely channels someone from the great void. This morning I think it is Dorothy Parker.

Watching Wake lose rather than Lackey feels about $12 million a year better...

I still say we should give Pedro a shot!

"As useful as a dental dam on a real doll" - spot on analogy h.b.

It hurts to watch Lackey lately, but not nearly as much as it hurts to watch DiceK. I fully admit turning it off at 5-0. I just don't get it how DiceK can look so freaking great some games, and then look like he should be pitching in single A the next. So damn painful.

And NO to Pedro.. unless we lose dicek or lackey, then it's a slight step up.

"Spahn and Sain and pray for rain." I'm kind of hoping for rain tonight. I know the Sox are rolling, but ...

So I'm NOT supposed to use protection when engaging in concupiscent behavior with Henrietta, my octaroon Real Doll (tm)?

// This morning I think it is Dorothy Parker. //

Or Anais Nin...

Even if Pedro were a slight step down, he'd be more entertaining to watch than Dice-K. I decided to see just how bad Dice-K is compared to the rest of the league. Considering only ERA among pitchers with 3 wins or more and 3 losses or less, Dice-K would be the Ace of the Twins staff, the no. 2 on the Mets, Padres, Cubs, Astros and Houston staffs, and no. 3 on the Brewers, Pirates, Giants (!), Nationals, Dodgers, Blue Jays, White Sox, Royals, Mariners and Dodgers staffs. So for half the teams in baseball he would be higher in the rotation than he is with us. So you'd think we would be able to trade his ass plus cash for a catcher that might, on occasion, throw out a friggin base stealer.

RIP Harmon Killebrew. I'll always remember you as the 'Fat Kid' from Ball Four.

You might be asking for a bit much there Steve. I mean come on. Salty hit a home run two nights ago and Tek got two hits last night and his average soared to .183. You want them to be able to throw runners out, too?

The Sox overcome a 6-0 deficit the same night the team formerly known as the Yankees blow a 4-run lead. Good stuff.

I may have mentioned this some time in the distant past, but Harmon Killebrew was a childhood hero of mine. As a kids in jr. high back in the late 60's living in MSP, he used to come to our school to swim and work out during the interminable Minnesota winters. The kindest, most gentle man I ever met. I was always impressed by how big his forearms were. I asked him once how I could get big muscles like that. He told me to go throw bales around a hay loft for a few summers.

Wished my Grandpa hadn't given up the farm before I was born...

RIP, Mr. Killebrew.

Lackey isn't on the DL. He's changed his name to Mazzaro and is pitching for the Royals:


To Rob in CT, great story about Killebrew. I remember going to a weekday doubleheader at Fenway against the Twins when I was about 13 or 14. My dad worked in Boston and dropped my friend and I off at the park. We were there so early, we watched both teams take BP. Killebrew put on such an awesome display of power that I can't recall any detail about either game.

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