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Yeah, OK, I watched a bunch of it. What can I say?

Lestah saves us from a complete Showalterschadenfreude and Dave Pinto makes a funny.


I think we should get a brick in Pinto's name and engrave it with "I'd rather be curling."


The funny thing about that Bucky Dent stuff is how "meh" it is these days.


Seriously. Getting riled ovah a Bucky Dent reference is like turning on the TV this morning and seeing hundreds of mounted Redcoats in the Royal Wedding Processional and getting all pissed off because the British burned down the White House in 1812.


Ancient fucking history.


Speaking of the Royal Wedding, as much pomp and pageantry as there was in that processional from Westminster Abbey to Buckingham Palace...



I'd rather see Natalie in a blue sundress.

After seeing that duck boat pic again, I think we really missed an opportunity there. Should have sold Nelson hood ornaments while we had the chance.

Nice performance by Lester last night. It's reassuring that when he's really not completely "on," he's still a pretty great pitcher.

...in a duck boat

Natalie would need to add a silly hat to complete the look though. The Brits do like to pull out the silly hats on a royal occasion.

I have a little ditty for Natalie's nuptials...

Something old, something surreal
Something borrowed, something teal
And the Soxaholix a creepy 5th wheel.

Sounds like a Monty Python sketch.

"The Ministry of Silly Hats"

Natalie in a blue sundress? Yes, please. Teal, if you have it... She'll look quite regal in the landeau.

No, Bob. I didn't mean Martin.

Diana should have taken the carriage and left the Mercedes at home.

Long live the Queen!

Mama Elton!!!

two out of three days my comments didn't show up.

Aw, you guys are making me blush. I need to find me a good, wispy teal sundress posthaste. Today am in the Boston office and busting out this joint at 3pm to play 18, so it'll be Titleist hat, khakis and golf spikes. Probably not a big turn on, sorry. But on the upside, I will be be-hatted!

By the way, love the ditty, hb. I am taking suggestions for the "something surreal."

Yay for another 4 day weekend! Yay for a another Red Sox win!

Yay for silly flowery hats, which I will be wearing myself at a wedding tomorrow.

Just, yay.

I misread that the first three times... as Tittiest hat... I was baffled and turned on at the same time. Of course that's not an uncommon state for me...

Welkah, how did you know my hat looks like this?: http://tinyurl.com/6fk74ou

OK, here is my first thought for the surreal element....

At the wedding, you have a monkey. And the monkey has a little monkey-sized keyboard and monkey-sized monitor. And the monkey has on one of those outfits like in the Wizard of Oz with the cap the little cape and vest. And on the vest is embroidered the monkey's name -- BigBri.

ahhhh how nice it is to have a game I can actually watch via national broadcast and not have it be a Sox disaster. I'll take 6-3 off a West Coast roadtrip anytime.

@Nat, you missed your line... you were supposed to say, "My hat is real... and it's spectacular."

Nat: "Probably not a big turn-on, sorry."

Natalie, you underestimate the male brain's ability to turn anything into a turn-on.

Kaz is so right.

Indeed, just saying that something is "not a turn on" almost ensures that it immediately becomes a turn on.

Plus there is that "proper grip on the shaft" nuance to golf....

Oh, that is ao true, hb and Kaz. I will have to shorten up on the shaft and power with my hips while addressing the ball....and all that.

Our son was married in England in October.

We still have the Wedding Hat.

Nudge nudge, wink wink, say no more.

I'm on a"Liberty flight" home this morning. There must be 50 S.A. WWII vets waiting in wheelchairs for this flight. They are going to Washington, DC.

Oddly inspiring in a patriotic sort of way.

(I know, O.T., but its actually pretty sweet.)

irresistible but nsfw... http://www.shooo.com/myspace-comments/funny-images/gifs/birdie.jpg

Rule 34 pretty much covers men's ability to be turned on by most anything.

I wonder if the breast pump corset could be attached to that breast hat and juried-rigged into a fancy beer drinking contraption.

(Rule 35 covers men's ability to turn anything sexual into something beer-related.)

The maxim "breast is best" applies to beer as well as infant nutrition. I think?


..and on a related note-D-Lowe,OUI

I know.. D-lowe, what a shocka. Just when you think you know someone...

washington set ablaze under the command of rear admiral cockburn..sounds like an ambiguous mma submition hold.

Well, it's time for breast pump cart.

Have a great weekend all. Hopefully we'll have something fun to yak about on Monday.

Surprisingly interesting interview with the Royals:


0-2 v Seattle. Couldn't beat an egg.


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