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What lovely little flame(out)

The grass was mowed down before the paint was dried. Or something like that.




So much for riding that wave of momentum welled up by Beckett and Paps on Sunday night.


We need more there there.


We need more heah heah.


Is it time to kill a chicken?


Not yet. But lighting a votive at Our Lady of the Perpetual Gourd couldn't hurt.


I think I've got just the thing for this infecund bunch.



At least Damon homered. Oh, wait. He doesn't play for us anymore.

The crowd went from, "now the season really starts," to, "send Dice-K to Guantanamo" real fast. Although I have to say, it was a good-natured hatred.

I've got nothin'...and neither do they


Good lord

Is it me, or does the headline "Sox let one get away" imply that they actually had a chance in the game, but blew it? "Sox get sliced and Diced" is more like it


Are we leading the league in MLOB?

Made it to the 7th.


We got home at about 7:30 PM last night. I immediately turn on the TV and tune to ESPN. My wife says, "Are you watching baseball again tonight?" I look at the score, hand her the remote, and answer in the negative.

Well, they can't move Dice-K to the bullpen and let Wakefield start, because he's just as bad. I love Tim but he needs to retire before he embarasses himself and they need to release Dice-K. I can't believe how much money we spent on this guy who had one decent year and even then, rarely got out of the 6th inning. The Rays scored almost as many runs last night as they did all season (16 vs. 20)

UGH !!!

I can't wait to go tomorrow...and see Lackey...in the rain.


The question is, and make no mistake, this can be asked of the 2011 Yankees as well: Are the Red Sox akin to the '08 Tigers (i.e., a stacked lineup with Ordonez and Cabrera plus Pudge and Sheffield were still considered potent hitters at the time) without addressing the team's real issues?

Jason's got a point.

The point is...FUCKING PITCHING! I despise how Clay has tried to cover up his fuck-ups and how Dice-K continues to confound me. Lackey got lucky, Lester really has to find his groove and get some damn run support, poor Wakefield better make this his last year, and Beckett cannot carry a team on his shoulders that's for sure.

I now rest my hopes the next time the Sox pull a pitcher from an Asian country, it's South Korea. Lee Dae-Ho is a fine candidate.

Sit Saltine the FUCK DOWN and let Varitek catch!! We are seeing just how good Tek is. He would be handling the pitchers far differently. He's just sitting there on the fuckin' bench. Salty-yum needs to learn how to manage his pitchers.

So first, yes the real issue for these teams would be an inability to work a pitcher into good form from within and instead try to pay top dollar for a bunch of fucking hacks. What? Since they dont have to worry about their job in spring training they just sit back and work on their tans? Shit.

More importantly, the candles kind of make my skin crawl a little. I am not accustomed to seeing the pull string coming out of the little hole on the male side of the situation. Ouch.

Do the Sox have to pay the Seibu Lions $50M to take Matsuzaka back?

Seems like a fair deal to me

If/when middle-middle-san puts together a couple decent outings, trade him! For a six pack and a bucket of balls, if need be. Because right now he's standing in the way of the Felix Doubront era.

the truly scary part? Unless things change, we're stuck with (most of)these batting practice pitchers for another 3 years

Another good headline: Dice-Krap

So painful.

We need to sacrifice more than a stupid chicken!

Well, at least they lost a close game. That's progress.

So the problem is pitching AND hitting??!! 5 hits ain't gonna do it.

Is there a point at which this becomes funny?

In most situations of adversity my father would say 'Ya gotta laugh.' He's quite dead now f course, so what would he know.

Ha! Jeff from NC: You never used pull-strings for penis-play? How to translate the feeling? Another example of American's lack of understanding of my talents.
Dice K.

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