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The Searchers

Wait, did the Red Sox just get 4-hit by Cleveland? Cleveland!?!?


Yeah, the Indians pretty much dashed the hopes that the first 3 games in Texas were some weird aberration.


Are you kidding me? The Indians just rode off and kidnapped our 2011 as if it were Cynthia Ann Pahkah.


But, hey, you know, the Pahkahs did get Cynthia Ann back.


Yeah, 24 years, 1 Nokoni war chief husband, and 3 Comanchitos latah... Clap.Clap. ClapClapClap.




my face has that freshly punched feeling

at least the bullpen looked good...sigh...

Hey, on the bright side, the Sox 5-hit Cleveland.

Soooo, there's that.

Hey, at least the Sox won't dwell on the negative (http://www.boston.com/sports/baseball/redsox/articles/2011/04/06/optimism_abounds/), why should we?

Sometime in mid-July we won't even remenber that they started out 0-4. We'll be too busy bitching that they are 38-52 and 11 games behind Manny and Johnny's team which still isn't selling out.

(Reverse secret double gooch)

They've just decided to get their only long losing streak out of the way early, that's all.

I think this might be a better metaphor.

Welcome to the Bizarro World AL East.

Not a good start, but Matt Albers and Bobby Jenks look like a couple of bad asses out there, so that's encouraging. Carl Crawfish looks like he a ghost or something, along with airmailing a throw to the plate.

My beef is with Saltini. He's not the answer.

oh, and i just fell into a ticket for the Opener. Praise Larry.



Maybe the real point of the Cynthia Ann metaphor is the part about how, after being "rescued" by the Texas Rangers, she spent the rest of her life trying to get back to the Indians. Perhaps the Sox, after being "rescued" in 2004, are just showing the Rangers and Indians they'd really prefer to go back to where we found them years ago.

Yeah, Jenks. Sons of Anarchy, Chicago Chapter.

When did Beckett morph into Dice-K? How many batters did he have 2 strikes on and then walked them after 10 pitches.

Time to saddle up,pilgrim.

...or cowboy up,as the case may be ;D

jenks was pretty gnarly. he is both large and in charge.

Maybe the end of march 10 game losing streak was quite the spring training aberration we all "knew" it was...


By some weird cosmic coincidence I have/currently lived and worked near those 2 massacre sites. Years back worked at a hospital the next town over from Groesbeck in TX, and currently live just a few miles to Old Deerfield in MA...I am not only shell-shocked from the start of the season, I am now officially and eerily creeped out by these references...make it stop!

So John Henry sold part of the Liverpool Footie Club to LeBron James? Maybe he can afford to go out and buy himself a catcher now...

7 to 2?



any better?

Wakefield - top of rotation?

It's time to panic now, right? I've been waiting, but I feel like it's the appropriate time. So I'll be over here panicing, come get me when we actually win a game.

So this is what it feels like living in the basement. Hey, BigBri, pass the KFC extra crispy.

So much for 158 and 4. wtf?

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