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So glad we play at least 162

Wow. Josh P. Beckett.


The pundits are tossing around the meme that it was his "Best.Outing.Ever."


Sure as hell was impressive.


Gave me that nostalgic tingle of previous Red Sox pitching dominance ovah the Yankees -- Bloody Sock Game, Pedro's 1 hit, 17 SO game...


And best thing about it? Watching it was like rinsing the mouth out with Listerine aftah eating the shit sandwich that we were fed the past week.


So here's the thing... Moving forward which team is the real team – The one that has opened the season 2-7? Or the one that took 2 of 3 in it's opening home series against the MFY's?


Seriously. I'm in a friggin conundrum. Do I cheer or chastize? Rope or dope? Hem or haw?


I'm not going to do anything.


Nothing? I can't just do nothing. I've got too much Calvinist cultural world view coursing through my New England veins.


Here's how you work that...


In not knowing what to do, you've actually done something, which is the not knowing, so you do nothing.


Ladies and gentlemen, boys and girls, now batting, the guru, Mike Siddhartha Sweeney.


I wish I'd had that line back when I was a teenagah and my dad was yelling at me to stop laying around the house loafing...


"Dad, I'm not lazy, I'm enlightened."


And your dad would have been all, "I'm gonna enlight you upside the head you lil' prick."


While drinking a Narragansett and puffing a Marlboro.


Yeah, good times, good times.



"Don't be sad-cuz 2 0utta 3 ain't bad"

As my wife reminded me, even a blind pig finds a truffle once in a while. (On a side note - in my Calvinistic upbringing, illness, injury, and death were all viewed as moral failings. Laying around the house? Forget it - you had to wear the scarlet 'S' for 'Sloth').

Thank you Josh Beckett. Now THAT'S the kind of starting pitching we need.

But tell you weren't nervous as hell through 7 as they left about 5,369 runners on base. Last night may have been the first time since pre-2004 that I was nervous about a Red Sox game. I've lost my post-2004 cherry. I'm expecting bad things again. Hopefully it's nothing a 10 game winning streak won't overcome.

this is one of the best games i've ever been to - with every stranded runner the voice in my head said 'there's no way we're going to get away with this much longer' - and then Beckett would come out and shut them down. it's definitely the best pitching performance i've ever witnessed in person. also fred lynn was in the legends box, which was cool.

"As my wife reminded me, even a blind pig finds a truffle once in a while."

aren't truffles underground? why would you ever need to see in the first place?

I feel a whole hell of a lot better today. Maybe my summer won't be ruined after all! What a great line to see in the morning. Let's keep the momentum going, huh Dice-K?

You may not have been able to tell in person, but Kevin Milar was hanging out in the owner's box with Theo.

good stuff. and they locked up Bucholz for a good while. I went to the pahk on Friday, which, if you are scoring at home, and I hope that you are, was the sole win of the season before last night. I have been a critic of the lipstickonapigization of Fenway, but I got my comeuppance on Friday. The underneath of the dump, i.e the main concourse, was refitted this winter. It looks spectacular. Lots of fresh concrete for us to shed tears on for years in the future. It really opens up the look of the place and reminds you of what a modern ballpark is all about. As much as it pains me to say it, job well done. They should have done that first, rather than last, but what do I know.

And then there is the scoreboard. I fell for their gag, by the way. If you haven't read about it, it goes something like this: enter the park on Friday all giddy about green grass and the new scoreboard. I look up and the thing looks exactly like the old one. Same grainy pixels and weak ad signs surrounding the picture. Wait, what? I had seen them craning the thing into the park about a month ago, so I figured something was amiss.

Then, after Yaz trundled into the park from left field, epitomizing the shibboleth "time is a bitch", they did the big reveal and the grainy picture melted into a mega HD screen. A friend ( yup, I have a friend) who works for the Red Sox said they had been practicing that move for a week. Sweet. The Board operator was a little slow on the trigger for some of the in game stats, but the thing is massive, and not quite as distracting as the screen at Nationals park, where you find yourself watching the screen, as opposed to the game.

So, baseball's back. Now let's try to win a few.


I hadn't realized they upgraded the main concourse, lc. Thanks for the info. See -- Soxaholix is not only entertaining, it's informative, too.

I just hope the Rays don't all of a sudden get real hot. Here's hoping for 5-7 after the Rays leave town.

Starting to lurk around the Sox sites again, nice to see the usual suspects are still here.

@LC: they waited on the concourse to prevent damage while everything else was being built/rebuilt.

like I said, what do I know?

All hail the return of Joshua F. Beckett. That is all.

I kept thinking, we have 11-12 hits and three stinking runs? This is going to come back to haun...oh, Beckett just retired the side again.

Going to the game tonight. Let's see, Dice-K plus dicey weather equals a six hour marathon. I'll be spending too much time in the beautiful new concourse I guess.

BTW, pigs sniff out truffles, they don't see them. That's how BigBri locates his stash of Twinkies.

"If you choose not to decide, you still have made a choice..."

That was amazing last night.

On another note,Just a little taste of the fun that is Chicago for everyone at home on the east coast.


1) The new outfield boards are AMAZING. I mean, they look outstanding, they use them well throughout the game, and that opening sequence (call it "the paint can montage") will give you chills every time.

2) It was nice to be back at Fenway for the first time this season AND see 2007 vintage Beckett whomping Yankee ass yesterday night. 9 innings of "Instant Classic Red Sox vs. Yankees".

3) I told my friends that if we lost every other game, but took 17 of 18 from the Yankees this season, I'd still have to consider that a hilarious success.

4) I'll be back in the park on Wednesday with my waders on. Let's squish some fish.

Bases loaded in the sixth and Youk grounded out. I figured Cano would hit a HR to lead off the seventh and the flood gates would open. I shut the game off. What did I know? Apparently even less than I know about truffle hunting.

My favorite line of the last week or so, and i have been absent so if this has been talked here then humor me, was Francona responding to a reporter's question about how he thought the fans would cheer or not on home opener day. His response was "I have a lot more imprtant things to worry about right now besides how the hell they are gonna clap"

Indeed he did and indeed he worried and indeed we are now clapping.

I had always heard it as "Even a blind squirrel finds an acorn. . ."

To add to Lou's observations, they've put new plaques up around the park explaining the history of the park. "Williamsburg" for the bullpen, the Red Seat, etc. My guess is this all a ramp up to next year's centennial. The wooden grandstand seats, while not new, have been worked on. The crooked seat in front of our seats was fixed, and the seats are now spring loaded.

Nice win last night.

@jar Thanks for sharing. Laughing my a$$ off!

It's been said before but bears repeating as it is SO obvious: McCarver and Buck spent ALL of Saturdays game sucking Yankee schwonz. Or is it "schwAnz"? Schwaunz?...

Bob: I'll be at tonight's game too, birthday present from my son, although losing 4-9 on 4/9 was not much of a present. Probably see you there. Too bad it's DiceK, we have a 3hr. ride home and work tomorrow.

Thankfully we all finally have something fun to yak about on Monday.

Vt'r: I believe it's Yankee "Subban". And thank Jesus H for no more Joe Morgan- although Bobby V needs to come up for air once in a while. And Sean McDonough is back tonight- all in all a good week in baseball broadcasting

Well, I guess Pablo is getting an early start on his ride home about now... WTF?

exactly Steve...WTFFF!



Paint growing, dry grass.
Dice-K in a shochu haze?
What the fucken fuck?

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