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Run Lola Run

Hey, remembah — "It's a marathon, not a sprint"™


You know, at its more puerile, that metaphor is serviceable...


But if you actually follow the trope through, it falls all the fuck apaht.


Seriously. Doesn't mattah if there are 26.2 miles if you're friggin gasping and wheezing and pissing blood at mile mahkah one.


And there's a couple Kenyans out ahead of you running barefooted.


Yeah, like somehow it's reasonable to assume that, you know I got my ass kicked in this sprint, but just give me more miles, dude, and I'll show Akili and Darweshi up there just what speed and endurance is all the fuck about.


People forget that there's a reason it's called "Hahtbreak Hill" and not "Take the Lead Hill."



Just wanted to be first, rather than the tradional last, to comment. I am of the view that it is time, either to panic or to mock adversity.

- 'Ya gotta laugh'
- 'Ya wouldn't be dead for quids'
- 'I don't know how they brew beer so cheap'

J. Hamill (deceased father of sdu).

Plus, I'm going to bed now. Good strip, btw.

A prize fight is 12 rounds long. But if you get knocked out in the first round, the length of the fight doesn't matter.

(Think that'll make Bartlett's?)

Bartlett? Is that even relevant these days? The question Bob, is will that get you a Wikipedia entry.

So if it's on Wikipedia it's relevant?


Soxaholix is on Wikipedia.
Bob is on Soxaholix.
Therefore, Bob is on Wikipedia.

2 degrees of separation.

Seems more like The Divine Comedy

Sox are on pace to go 29-133.

Want some optimism?

I'm pretty sure this team can win more than 30 games.


I can at least tolerate a loss in a game like last night's. Price is a quality pitcher. Sox hit many balls hard just right at fielders. And Lester had that pesky one bad inning which proved to be his undoing. So those games will happen over the course of a season.

Now if Lackey goes out and lays another fucking egg tonight...

Great strip once again h.b.!

A few random thoughts, with apologies to Ernie Roberts, and the human race....Ok that was a fucking good ball game last night. Yes, I noticed that the Red Sox lost and the soon to be bald ace of the staff got a little roughed up in that one inning. But, it was crisply played...Jed Lowrie should be playing four days a week minimum...Youkkkk and Crawfish seem lost...AGon is good, really good, and I like the way he waves his glove at whatever field threw him a good ball at first...The Rred Sox have The Worst Record in Baseball®...even Millsy's club is better...Saltini must go...baseball is fun, don't bitch.


So sad.
And with John Lackey pitching tonight...
Well, there's always Toronto!

Apparently, buying an English soccer team has deeply offended the baseball gods on some fundamental level...

chin up folks, those 2 wins came against the yankees ! isn't that all we ever set out to do, beat the yankees.

The season ends before Patriots Day. Celtics are going nowhere. B's will fold as usual. April 12th and I am already looking forward to the football season. It going to be a cruel summer.

In the pharmaceutical business, small start-ups know how it goes. If you succeed on a project and sell your first testable drug to a company, all the big players get to hear you crow, but they don't really care. That compound will still probably take 5+ years to get to market IF it survives through clinical trials. If you follow that up with a second success, you've got their attention. Suddenly, you're not just some dumb luck bastard who had 1 good idea but was never going to amount to anything else (remember, the first one still won't have made it to market...so there's going to still be some inherent risk in trusting your abilities). However, the second one puts new light on the first...now you're "trending" in the right direction and if you aren't locked into dealing with the same company as the first compound, you might actually be able to drum up a bidding war for your second one!

THEN...you never succeed three times in a row. You'll be bought before you can release the news of your third compound's success.

Oh, right, my point. My point was that as we get into the second and third and fourth times through the rotation, I think we're going to be able to move from "dumb luck losses" to "loss trends" to "no, you're just a loser this year" pretty quickly. Beckett and Lester have been the only ones to put out performances that suggest they've broken the loser trend. Dice-K, Clay, and Lackey have yet to show a glimmer of hope this year.

Well, the Sox need to play 0.650 ball from now on to get to 100 wins... If they play 0.600 ball, then they'll get to 92 wins.

All is not lost, although if you can foresee how the hell these misfits win six of ten for the rest of the season, then pass around whatever you're smoking!

Franka Potente has always turned my crank. Sehr schon. (I can't seem to make the umlaut work on keyboard presets)

I can't figure out why they suck so bad. Just don't see it. Dice-K aside, Lackey, Clay, Beckett and Johnny L. are good pitchers, and the lineup is stacked. Other than Varitek not catching I see no explanation. Am I crazy to think that they can go on a 20-5 roll?!

At least Lester is fine with losing this way, every time out: [Four] singles beat me,’’ Lester said. “You know what? I’ll take that every start. If you’re going to beat me with singles, then I’ll tip my hat.’’
Hope that works out.
At least Tom Brady cries.

Dunno Mahts...NY does have Rex Ryan. D:

An awful April
Will May be any better?
Can't be any worse

Very long winter
Spring has started very late
May be true for Sox

Matsusaka sucks
Lackey's getting like Dice-K
Others better shine

The redsox are now an embarrassment.

DiceK needs to never pitch another inning for the red sox. Ever.

I like Lester's comment. In other words, "hey teammates, think you could swing a fuckin bat and hit something besides the ceiling while you fantasize about hitting?"

Francona joined the ranks of not ready for primetime last night when he started putting his favorite friends in the lineup in the 9th, cold and not ready to do more than watch 3 strikes go by.

And yes, lc, you are quite correct. Baseball is fun. But you are also wrong. She is a bitch. Well, until she is nice and pretty and cooing in my ear again.

@Colin...and hopefully soon Randy Moss


I'm so bummed about the team's performances this year that all I can do is shake my head and move on to other things. To dwell is to go mad.

As to other things to think about, Jason O., I'm with you. Franka does it for me, too. Not classically beautiful, but there's something about her that, ...

Mmmm. Um, where was I?

Good news everyone- the Sox are guaranteed not to loose tonight!


Game's rained out

So instead of "Spahn and Sain and Pray for Rain" it's pretty much --

Pray for rain, and, er, pray for more rain?

(Damn should have saved that for a strip.)

BTW Sox suckage aside, start saving your pennies... The eBook spinoff story is coming soon. Srsly.

Toying with a $7.99 retail.

Cool! Worth every penny.

Will it come with a coupon for a free real doll?

Then it'd be $1,799 retail.

good line on the Sox' FB page that announced the rainout: "Theo turned on the sprinklers like in Bull Durham?"

Thank you Mother Nature.

Price point sounds good... looking forward to it!

Billy, I assume you're referring to the Real Doll option?

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