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(Kate would like to be called Catherine rather than Kate)

It's kinda funny that there are now individual pitchers with more wins than the Red Sox.


Hey, you know, if the Sox just play .650 ball the rest of the way, it's the big one with two zeros.


Yep, and if I could just get 3 minutes with Mila Kunis to work my impeccable Alpha gamesmanship, she'd be feeling the primordial tug of sweet gina ting.


Yeah, and if the goverment could just eliminate Medicare, Social Security, the Department of Defense, and move everyone to Canada, it's bye-bye budget deficit.


So what are you sayin?


I'm sayin this is a good time to find some other devoted diversion.


Hello Royal Wedding.



that rainout was the third best game of the season so far...

My prediction: in six months, we will be referring to this as The Rainout, capitalized just like The 25. From here on in, things turn around, the Sox start winning at a remarkable clip, and The Rainout becomes legend.

Can we concoct a reason for Varitek to punch Slappy McBluelips in the face? That always seems to get the boys going.

I don't know, I just don't see this team going 80-82. Naivete? Stupid optimism? Maybe. Now where did I put Mila's number?...

Go Bruins!!

I'm gonna pull a Sarah Ferguson: For 500,000 pounds, you'll have complete access to h.b.

seriously, the B's better not fuck this up. What a perfect opportunity for them to capture the sports scene around here. The Sox have more wins than the Celtics will get in the playoffs, Brady vs the NFL is a big dose of STFU and play, the World Cup was last year.... and the Bruins are actually a likeable, if flawed, team

or is that just wishful thinking

I took a risk and wore my #30 Thomas jersey into work today. It's a relaxed environment here (I'm almost always wearing jeans) but I wasn't sure how well a jersey would go over with my recently added boss who comes from a more corporate environment. At least I didn't have any meetings today, so I figured I'll be at my desk all day today anyways.

So far, I've gotten a high-five in the stairwell and my boss saw me walk into the office and said "There we go! I love it!". So, I think I pulled it off. First, because he didn't send me home to change and secondly because he's from Indiana and I didn't even know they knew what hockey is.

Go B's. Beat those Habs...literally. Show the Sox what the hell this city is all about. (...duh! Winning!)

Ok, stop everything!
I was doing some Soxaholix research for um, work, and came across this: Lisa last graced us with her presence on 2-9. Perhaps this is just a spooky coincidence, or perhaps it is a sign that we need a visit from Lisa to wake up the bats...

heh. he said Lisa waking up the bats. heh heh heh

and, nice job Kaz. dusted off the #4 jersey myself to wear to the game tonight

That wins stat is outrageous.. A.J. Burnett is one of those pitchers.
On another note - Ted Williams doesn't deserve this: http://espn.go.com/blog/new-york/yankees/post/_/id/14422/a-rod-in-11th-place-on-all-time-rbi-list

I have kind of a delicate situation at home with the B's and the Habs. I am western Mass born and breed. My lovely wife, also, western MA born and breed to Québécois parents...I mean real French-Canadiens - French was the language spoken at home, etc. It's not a problem for us, since she is not a hockey fan and the Expos are no more...but my brother-in-law is un gran Habs fan - the hat, the sweater, the fleur-de-lis tat on his arm...its a bit like that Bruins commercial


Yeah, it's like that...Go B's!

How did that last Royal wedding work out for you?

Catherine? Royal Wedding? You must mean http://bleacherreport.com/articles/662827-serena-williams-brett-favre-dwts-and-tuesdays-br-swagger-buzz/entry/62450-catherine-panagiotopoulos-boston-red-sox-jason-varitek-happily-engaged

@FOT-"She's so pretty" LOL,what a wuss ;D

Still skiing here in Colorado so the Sox losing can be ignored for now...

Holy Crap...could it be?

Even if he can't pitch any better than Dice-K, Pedro would certainly be more fun to watch. Also, the next time Joba the Hut drills Youk, there would be some serious payback.

In re: Lisa's appearance. In fact, she bears a striking resemblance to the real life Jackie the ball girl at Fenway. Just saying.


Great strip today h.b.

Off to match wits with the Green Fairy ;D

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