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Happy Patriots' Day

So ol' man Scrivener says we can split for Patriots' Day as soon as we tie up the loose ends.


Doesn't this happen every year? The rest of the office is out getting pissah drunk and while here we are?


Seriously. Even Lisa the Temp probably has the day off.


Well, it's what comes with having a strong Calvinist work ethic... and by work ethic I mean, of course, an unquenchable fascination with procrastination.


Hey, I voted for procrastination before I put off voting against it.


Anyway, with Dice-K pitching today, what's the rush?


Listen my children and you shall hear
of the gyroball pitchah who disappeared.


On the eighteenth of April, in twenty eleven
Please let Dice-K make it through seven


In the hour of dahkness and peril and need,
The people will grow quiet, in dread and fear
The repeating 3-2 counts make it hard to succeed
Fuck! Bautista just launched one out to Revere.



Ready to ride and spread the alarm,

Send that damn bust back to the farm.

Happy Birthday Nat-wear something teal ;)

Literal laughter at that last frame. Go Marathoners! Remembah - it's a 26.3-mile, 162-game sprint.

Ahem, 26.2. I like to go the extra .1 mile.

We are starting out on a roll (lobster) with the comments this morning. Cracking me up with the "....extra .1 mile"

And stop booing Crawford, fercrhissakes! It's friggin' April 18. He'll come around. You just need to caress him and tell him it's going to be alright. Dude's fragile.

Nice work out of you!

It was eleven by the right field clock,
When Dice-K came to the mound in Boston town.
He heard the booing of the flock,
And the hissing of drunks taking their pees,
And smelled the srirachi on the morning breeze

(BTW, does anybody actually get today off?)

I think Lisa is the only one off today.

School vacation week in NH, although the thought of watching DiceK again after seeing him in person last Mon. does not fill me with glee. And today he'll probably be back to nibbling.


If I'm Tim Wakefield I'm warming up right now.

PS - While you're up in the bell tower of Old North Church, could you also keep an eye out for the Bruins. We're all waiting for them to arrive in town for the playoffs. Any day now. No rush.

I did my work, now going to watch some paint dry.


Thanks, Rich! The day will be even better when (if?) the Sox win. Will throw on some teal as a rallying cry. BTW, I always loved Paul Revere's Ride, as I was born "on the 18th of April in '75." Alas, the older I get the more subsequent the line rings true... :)

Dice-K opens the game by running the count full on the first batter.

Little known Marathon fact: Rosie Ruiz would get to Copley faster by just running the marathon than taking the MBTA these days.

Born in '75? You are barely out of teal diapers in my book.

poor Billy Dawes. sucks to have a name that doesn't rhyme.

Here's to Nat & teal, a RS win and Lisa getting off - which me thinks happens every day, she has that look.

Dicey-K is tossing a 1-hit shutout through 6. 78 pitches.

Big day for Japan today in Boston. Marathon wins for Women's and Men's Wheelchair. Daisuke pitching 6 innings of 1-hit, 1-walk baseball. Okajima got the call back up.

Solid pitching from Dice-K and and RBI double from Crawford? Both in the same game???

The Jays must really stink.

The boys turn it on for my birthday. I will accept thank yous in the form of flowers, chocolate or expensive teal lingerie. :)

as for Jed, "stahting shortstop clap clap clapclapclap"

the dice rolls through jays
down heartbreak hill to Boston
a true patriot

Mr. Screwrooto- Meet Mr. Wally Pip...he'll be taking over for you at short.

This is the first time I can remember that .333 and 4.5 games back feels promising.

//On the eighteenth of April, in twenty eleven
Please let Dice-K make it through seven//

Spooky, hb, spooky.

yep .333 ball = good spirits heading into the series out here.

Going tomorrow and Wednesday if there are any others on this creepy site going. I'll be in my Soxaholix tee tomorrow.

it wasn't a dream
pitching like a big leaguer
hump the air slowly

Swinging for the fence with the whole "it works if it rhymes" thing:

At the end of the season, in twenty eleven,
Dice-K is the winner, World Series game seven!

Here's another prediction: If Dice-K starts Game 7 of the World Series, I'm going to have a massive coronary.

Massive Coronary = Prince Charles taking the throne after the Queen Mum passes away in October?

Bob, you ghoul.

Ladies and Gentlemen, Please welcome the 2011
Boston Jed Sox!

This young Jed-i truly worthy is

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