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Crayola 64

So... feeling happy are we?


Def. It's a Friday before a long weekend and the Sox are on a two-straight day no losing streak.


What's not to like?


Seriously. It's funny people keep talking about the "panic" among Boston fans... But there is no friggin' panic.


It all happened with such speed and efficiency that we fast forwarded through the panic scenes and went directly to the denouement.


It's the mindset we had when we were kids...You could watch the Sox get crushed at both ends of of double-headah...


And 5 minutes latah you'd be out with your buds playing a game of Whiffle and imitating the mannerisms and peculiarities of your fave Sox playahs.


It's like they say, "All I Really Need to Know I Learned in Kindergarten"


That is a true fact. I mean take coloring, for example. You can learn an awful lot from coloring.*

*[NSFW Threat Level – Blue, guarded – h.b.]


Absolutely. I mean the coloring technique of short rapid strokes mingled with long graceful strokes... that has a mound of applications.


Not to mention "big circles, little circles" around a fixed point.


There is no discounting a solid, primary education in the fundamentals.



"It ain't easy being green"

can I color with a Sharpie?

Here's a picture of me coloring with my high school girlfriend.


So I know the B's won 46 and ultimately lost 37 games this year, but why is it that Versus and the NHL Network (the only way I can get them) never showed a win? My wife is convinced they went 0-81 this year, and last night didn't help.

That was fantastic! Made my day.

{golf clap} Well played HB, well played. {/golf clap}

Big circles, little circles, followed by tracing (and humming, if you're so inclined) your ABCs around that same fixed point.

Chucks, yep, there it is.

I'd love Natalie's take on the circles.

Or is it Circles' take on Natalie?...

// Or is it Circles' take on Natalie? //

Reminds me I finally saw Black Swan.

I love Boston not showing up to play the entire game against Montreal, again showing when hope arises in Boston, someone's gotta bring it down.


No, wait, DELORES!!

I thinks chucks has the right idea. Just remember sometimes it's fun to color outside the lines and be little messy...

As happens every few years, Patriots Day is my birthday. Those fuckers better win or else it's just another year older...

I swear if we were to convert the regulars here into a lineup, with Nat batting clean up, of course, we'd have like 110 wins on the season.

can I be in the five hole?

Oh, so you basically want to come behind Natalie?

just taking one for the team, coach

OK let me give this a try ...
1 HB - Plate setter
2 Bob - quick quips and banter
3 Pseudo - Keep the girls together
4 Natalie - nuff said
5 Buckner - 1st dibbs
6 Kaz - picking up what buck drops
7 Harwich - lead off for the bottom 3
8 SDU - time change
9 LC - providing sunsets for cheap

I am not sure on the left/right order. we may have a bunch of lefties.
I know there are many more contributors but talk amongst yourselves.

h.b.I loved the phrase you used: "fast forwarded through the panic scenes and went directly to the denouement"...Of course I plan to steal it but I will give you proper credit!

Number 2 describes me perfectly, Jar.

BTW, seven years, $154 million for Adrian Gonzalez.

"picking up what Buck drops" as in "slow roller.... and it's BEHIND THE BAG!" ??

Buck, or what about a "line shot up the middle." ;)

Good Lord, just don't do anything with a can of corn.

Definitely no lolly-gaggers in that line up. Looks like more than one there is willing to turn two.

But I'm thinking of LC as more of the Walter Matthau kind of manager.

I'm more of a bullpen type.

Called upon for the tight situations when you want it finished quickly.

Hey, wait a second...are we still making sex metaphors??

Oh, ok, whew...then, yeah, tight situations, finishes quickly.

batting on the 9 hole or being Walter Mathau?

sometimes I feel underapreciated.



Omigod, Kaz. I just spit coffee. You guys are all just hilarious. I guess I would consider myself a switch-hitting utility infielder. Wait, maybe that didn't come out right....

Unfortunately, I could never get past second base... :(

This is probably one of the only appropriate times I'll ever have to extoll the dark science of a Plate Job, but it's time for beer cart.

Have a great weekend all. Hopefully we'll have something fun to yak about on Monday.

Feasting on home jerked chicken(watch it!) and Planters punches after my take down by the Green Fairy last night-good weekend all

Hitting no. 8 for the Soxaholix persons of summer. Finally, I have made something of my life.

If things head south fast tonight there's a good alternative in the return of FNL to NBC.

FNL is looking good already.

And, speaking of heading south - sounds like a good motto for the soxaholix team.

whoa - spoke too early. who said replay sucked.

Okay, it's official: this team sucks and I'm panicking.

Dear Carl Crawford,
Jon Rauch made you look very silly in the ninth inning today. It's ok though because his neck tattoos look even dumber than yours. If you feel guilty when you cash your paycheck just give DiceK a call; he is very experienced in this area.

the coloroing book of 30 youknowwhats

you post some of the most, uh, INteresting links, fer SHER

What the hell? The one day I don't have time to check the strip, you guys have a creepshow unlike anything the internet has ever seen!

At least after last night, I know there will be a lot to talk about on Monday...

Well, Mr. Beckett, nicely done. Again. It was frigging freezing out in the bleachers, but worth the frostbite. Who needs both pinkies?

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