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Change of plans, uncancel the summah!

Hello, is this WTF Bus Lines? Yeah, well I need to change a reservation on a one-way ticket outta town... Last name, Matsuzaka.


What's that?... Rebook?...Ah, can I leave the date open-ended?


Heh. So has a .333 team evah looked so friggin' worthy of hope?


Talk about your glass being one-third full... All they need is to make up a game every 33 games. Totally doable.


Oh, and BTW, Jed Lowrie? – More please.


You know if you anagram "Jed Lowrie Every Day" you get "Joy, We Dialed Revery"?


I'm just friggin sayin' that's all.



Start spreadin' the news...Oops,wrong team ;O

Let's see what they get from Lackey tonight....

I'm guessing the only unhappy Red Sox player right now is Marco Scutaro. Jed Lowrie is killin' it (to paraphrase Papi from his book).

The Ballad of Jed Lowrie
Come and listen to a story about a man named Jed
A journeyman pro, barely kept his family fed,
Then one day as his team was getting’ booed,
He stepped to the plate and the Fenway crowd he wooed.

Cheers that is…standing O…Boston glee.

Well the first thing you know ol’ Jed's a millionaire,
Kinfolk said "Jed, you’re on a tear"
Said "Californy is first up on the trip"
So they got on the plane with a creepy comic strip.

Soxaholix that is. Bettin’ pools, dive bars.

The south of Beverly Hillbilly!

Bob just got his own standing O. Awesome.

In my humble opinion, Bob has earned a Gold Star for the day!

It's amazing what a little old 3-game winning streak can do.

Oh, and Kaz...the Bruins just arrived!!!

Bob wins the comments today.

Great job Bob!

I think Jed got more hits versus the Jays than Renteria and Lugo did in 3 seasons combined. We may finally have a shortshop that can pick and hit.

Bruins win one...then leave the country...I heard some commentator say they should hold up in Lake Placid until the next tilt on Thursday...guess they want a Genessee Cream Ale instead of Molson Brador...

To Bob, "Well played sir! Well played!"

Bob FTW.

Genesee Cream Ale ftw.

Loved the spoof, Bob, and I know I'm being picky but I'm not sure you can call Jed a journeyman, given that he's only played for the Sox. Perhaps you meant Utilityman.

I'm not getting the warm fuzzies for Lackey's start tonight, despite his prior dominance of the As.

Nice job Bob!

Re: Bruins

A win is a win and that's nothing but good for now...but watching Campbell flail at Kostitsyn's skate down the slot and then Thomas's SLOW drop to the butterfly while the puck just glides five-hole...yikes. That was a goal that NEVER should have scored and it's crap like that which is going to cost them this series.

Re: Bob

You da man.


what they said


Bob's glass is 2/3 full w/ Genesee Cream Ale.

Maybe Lackey will show against his old AL West foes...maybe.

Geared up and counting down the hours til departure for the concrete dump in Oak.

Nice job Bob.

Anyone have the win-loss record for the Sox on the 1st game of a road trip? They never seem to do well after traveling for the 1st game of the series.

Yes, so far this team is 0-1 on the first game of a road trip.

Sorry, I'm an ass :p

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