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Apples, oranges... persimmons

Well, not that I evah want the Red Sox favorably compared to the Yankees, but the Globe's point about 1998 is worth noting.


Yeah, though, if we're gonna get all historical, we shouldn't leave out the contraposing alternative, the 1996 Red Sox.


Ah, refresh my memory...


Then they proceeded to lose another 16 games in April to finish out the month at a nasty 7-19...


But the carnage didn't end there as they went into the All Star Break at an abysmal 36-49 and were essentially toast, dry toast, no butter whatsoever.


But they did have one fuck of a second half and ended up 85-77 on the season, though 7 games back in the East. Clap. Clap. ClapClapClap.


I'm going to choose to go with the Yankees comparison.


By all means...



h.b., I think there's one aspect that makes this team different than the one in 1993. It's an important aspect that critically shifts the entire debate into the favor of the '98 Yankees scenario and away from the dismal '93 Sox scenario. It doesn't have to do with who the pitching coach is or how many HRs we've given up so far as a team. It doesn't have anything to do with the fact that our new starting catcher isn't living up to his potential...or even his underwhelming career average. No, this one thing is so critical to the success of this ball club that no other ball club is going to be able to keep pace (ok, maybe one or two others).

What you have seemingly forgotten, h.b....what is SO crucial that it goes to the very heart of the situation:

These guys are "all in".

Boom! Consider yourself edified!

(N.B. - The White Sox were using this stupid phrase since December...good job ad agency MMB and NESN.)

If time your all-in play poorly, you lose the game.

Not that I have any experience with that. Nope, not at all. gambling is illegal where I live.

The Second Season starts..........




I'm going to take the '98 scenario as well. Mainly due to the simple fact that the 2011 team just has so much more talent across the board.

Although some would say the catching situation is scarely similar.

Things like "Idiots" and "Cowboy Up" worked because the players were in on it. Not because some lame marketing dept deemed it so.

What, no Kurt Kobain reference? It's fitting that on the anniversary of that sad day, we are already mourning a lost season... Or am I being overly dramatic?

Hey, for all those who care (as I do, perhaps too much), the DVD of Season 5 of Friday Night Lights comes out today. Yes, that's right... BEFORE the season airs on NBC. Between that and the Sox I may not leave my apartment this spring. Thank god for wine-and-thai-food delivery. ;)

I recommend off-dry med-sweet reislings or a crisp asian lager with thai food.;)

Dang, doesn't seem that streaming is avail yet on FNL05. I will keep looking.

Did anyone start watching the Borgias on Showtime? Seems pretty good so far.

I was disappointed by the Borgias, was expecting to see much piano playing interspersed with bad puns.

@chucks... oh, that was a good one.

No, but I saw "The Killing" on AMC Sunday. Pretty good. I'm going to keep watching.

I really like The Killing. Looking forward to next episode.

Loved The Killing. If they can live up to their promise at the end that every clue is connected, and everything matters, then I am stoked for some seriously intelligent drama.

Oh, and psyched for Game of Thrones on HBO.

Same here on Game of Thrones. That should be fantastic.

Game of Thrones: good idea in theory, but can they pull it off? What I do like is the idea of doing epic book-to-movie in miniseries form, instead of trying to cram it all into a 3-hour movie. Looking forward to some good old-fashioned incest on TV!

Keeping the faith!

Natalie - I'm hoping Amazon can now fill my cart with season 5 and they my silly region capricious dvd player will play it. Delighted to see the word 'stoked' back in use. I thought it had gone out with Gidget or something (young ones can look it up).

Oh yeah and go Josh.

A Victor Borges reference. Thank you, chucks, thank you. I hadn't thought about that brilliant humorist in a long time.

By the bye, I'm working a client in San Antonio now, and took the weekend to take a drive down to Houston for the NCAA semifinals. Actually got a decent seat at face value and enjoyed watching all the KY (jelly) fans make that loooonnngggggg walk up the stairs after losing to UCONN. Seeing Ashley Judd in tears made the trip worthwhile all by itself. Equally glad I didn't make that long drive and drop a couple hunnert on last night's championship game. Wow, that was painful to watch (although I liked the ultimate outcome.)

Fact: Any covered building with over 75,000 people in it all screaming at the same time makes for a LOT of noise.

h.b. Did you know you were quoted on the NOTY site?


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