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Have a Happy Thanksgiving (See you back here on 11/29)

You know, I loves me some Thanksgiving and all, but they all seem to be a bit "meh" evah since 2003.


♪ ♫ ♪
Ovah the rivah and thru the wood,
To Curt Schilling's house we go;
Theo knows the way,
To carry the day,
Pass the check, Larry Lucchino!


You think Cashman and the Yankees will be taking a page from the Theo playbook and heading to Arkansas to court Cliff Lee?


Sure, I can just hear the Cashman schmooze now,

"Granny Lee, that sure was a moist possum! Mmmm-mmm!"



And then Granny would pour Jethro (Hanky Steinbrenner) a big bowl of Kellogg's Corn Flakes.

Whew, for a second there I'd thought you were going to say 'beaver'.

Ken Rosenthal is reporting that Victor Martinez is getting 4 years and $50M...to go to the Tigers.

Happy Thanksgiving. :/

With the stud he's been as of late, I am sure the furry critter of choice is Beaver, but I digress...

"Moist possum" sounds sexual - but in a gross way. LOL.

V-Mart to Tigers is official. Pass the Salty for Thanksgiving, this year...

From the Tigers website:

//One note of concern for the Tigers, with regard to the Martinez signing, revolves around his lackluster career numbers at Comerica Park. Martinez has hit just .225 (38-for-169) with four homers, a .310 on-base percentage and a .349 slugging percentage in 47 games at the spacious ballpark. That makes for his lowest OPS (.671) at any park where he's logged at least 20 games played.//

John Lackey's new digs:


He got it for $300,000 under asking.

more concerned about where Theo is spending is Turkey day than BC and Hanky. San Diego is nice this time of year.

moist possum. yum.


1) Josh Hamilton
2) Miguel Cabrera
3) Robinson Cano

9) Adrian Beltre

and Bora$ got torched by the NYT(17%) this AM. Something about him paying to enslave DR kids in their beisbol careers.

sorry to see VMaht go. Odd that they reportedly went for 4 years for him, and Tigahs paid only 8mil more ovah 4.



This offseason seems to be less hot stove and more tepid bain-marie.

Or maybe I just still feel a bit roughed up from a lackluster season. I dunno.
Somebody FedEx me a turkey leg and some pumpkin pie and perhaps I'll feel better.

Theo's in San Diego for Thanksgiving. Or that's the word downunder. And Lee (some pitcher from Texas) is a lock for the sawx.


Anybody home? There's nobody at work, either. Wonder if I can sneak out...

Of course, there IS a fridge filled with beer. And some microwave popcorn and chips.

Maybe I'll stick around until lunchtime.

In any case, have a great Thanksgiving and weekend all. Hopefully we'll have something fun to yak about on Monday.

I'm at work today. Slept in though which felt good, and hoping to sneak out by 3pm.

I'm not flying anywhere so no naked images nor gropes for me. Well, at least TSA-inspired ones.

Have a great one. Don't be afraid to eat. And eat some more. Get Roman on that thing.

So I woke up at 6-00am AEST and the score was 24-24; now it's 45-24. Happy thanksgiving. Your welcome.

(Go Packers)


Jeebus! sdu were ya hittin' the sauce? Although I'm quite fond of expletive filled outbursts, without context one has to wonder...

pseudo - watch the last 43 seconds of the Packer's game - and it was 7-30am AEST so a little early, even for me.

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