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Big Teeth

You know, Olivah Stone aside, I do love it when Hollywood gets all alty historicity on us...


I mean, c'mon, we've suspected for years that Lil' Red Riding Hood was total slut.


Are you kidding me? Lil' wood walking waif was so totally asking for it.


And the wolf? Dressing up as the grandma and all? I mean there's Game and then there's A Plus Game.


Bring the movies.


Meanwhile, looks like Salty could be the stahting catch.





Lil' Red (Sox) Salty Yum. Hope he's got Game next season.

(I didn't really know where to go with all the links this morning.)

View the trailer, fill in the blanks, and you essentially have seen the movie. Although with Gary Oldman in it, I might actually rent it some day.

As a fan of Veronica Mahs, I always thought Amanda Seyfried looked like a fish. Her appearances on Big Love didn't help. Then I saw her all slutted out in a bunch of recent stuff and have changed my opinion somewhat. She still looks slightly fishy, but bangable.

I hear that in this new, updated version, she bedazzles her red hood.



I have little to add but this strip plaiinly deserves more than 4 comments.

If you could hang an Uzi over Circle's shoulder she could double as one of Carbarnari in Italy...sorry, that's all I got.

That and I think the Salty comment is a negotiation ploy w/ V-Mart.


Has it spread down there?

or, Olivia Munn.

I think we found the can't miss FA shortstop phenom that Theo loves to get.

Japaneses SS Tsuyoshi Nishioka has Theo written all over him.

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