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"Yeah, my eyes are bleeding"

Red Sox season ovah, Mad Men season ovah... but at least there's Storm Chasahs, the best reality show evah!


Arturo, the hot dog vendor:
Man vs. Nature; Dominator vs. TIV, catty meteorologist infighting mixed with a tinge of latent homoeroticism... what's not to like?


I try to staht every day asking myself, "What would Reed Timmah do?"


Arturo, the hot dog vendor:
Well, there's the rub isn't it?




Arturo, the hot dog vendor:
Of course, you see yourself in the mold of the heroic Reed Timmer, but what if, in reality, you're perceived more as a whining, risk averse, jealous Sean Casey?


Jesus, fuck, Arturo, you're a real ball bustah aren't ya?


Arturo, the hot dog vendor:



Loved the crossover ep with 'Mythbusters', too, where they pitted their rigs against the jet blast of a 747.... and then the MB dude whipped out his personal tornado survival pup tent and hunkered down. THAT took balls

This Sean Casey sounds like a real a-hole. Or more accurately, a real A-Rod.

My personal favorite Storm Chaser

not that you asked

BWF, I'm taking it you haven't seen Jackass3D yet. Imagine the Mythbusters episode...except Hyneman doesn't have the personal shield, they have a jet engine instead of a 747 prop, and Adam is whipping tomatoes, shoes, bags of flour, and footballs up into the exhaust's exit point and watching it slam into the guys who are semi-naked down wind...all...in...THREE...D!

PS -- You haven't lived until you've seen poo water turn spherical in zero-G in super slo-mo before splashing all over a guy strapped into an outhouse between two 100' bungees suspended by cranes. Again, in 3D.

It's like you could reach out and touch it...but why would you ever want to.

Having lived through a Midwestern tornado that took out the neighbor's house two doors up and killing 5 people, I just don't see the daring-do heroism supposedly on display. Tornados are nothing to mess with. These guys are simply dumbfuck rednecks looking for their "Snookie" moment. But I'm no fan of any of any of the "reality" shows out there anyway.

I'd rather hear what Arturo has to say about John Farrell's departure or the World Series matchups. (Sorry. Guess I'm feeling grumpy today...)

I did enjoy Mahty, "The Velveteen Rabbit", squirming some yesterday, though. That made me smile.

Not to sound like an outtake from Twister, but the work guys like Reed Timmer and other field researchers meteorologists are doing is immensely helpful in tornado forecasting and saving lives.

Just look at the how much better and refined forecasts have gotten in just the past 10 years.

Please. More Mahty.

No doubt, h.b. I just think that the drama, glorification and heroicism portrayed in these types of programs is misplaced. Undoubtedly these are brave men and women. I'm also guessing you have to be some kind of andrenaline junkie to do what they do. I just think the portrayals are bogus.

I actually had Kaz's thought about Jackass, too. At least they're winking at the camera instead of playing up the drama. How many yahoos are gonna get themselves (and others) killed trying to find their Snookie moment?

Guess I better move to Minnesota. I really am becoming one of those Grumpy Old Men.

Friday Night Lights season 5 starts tomorrow on DirecTV.

da kine- what, wait, what? Tomorrow for FNL season 5? I thought it was usually in the winter. AWESOME!!!

You DirecTV people were making me jealous, then I remembered you don't get AMC HD nor BBC-America HD and I felt better.

I know I probably sound a bit daft here but I can't always keep up with you kids' crazy slang, what the holy hell is a snookie?

My bad, pseudo. It's actually spelled Snooki - the oompa loompa bimbo from MTV's Jersey Shore.

The referencee is to some a-hole doing anything for his/her Warhol-ian 15 minutes of celebrity. Sorry for the confusion.

Don't worry about keeping up with this rascals, pseduo - I don't even know what DirecTV is. As to Snookie, perhaps it is this unfortunate lass (who could only exist in America):

And she's famous for...being short, alcolholic and orange? She's a nip of Cointreau!

Lovely girl, really. Chalk that up to being one of those things I don't miss about living in the States. And makes me happy I don't get MTV.

Ew, Just ew.

"She's a nip of Cointreau!" - Now THAT was funny!

Switching gears - Yahoo Sports has the hot stove on. They're suggesting the Sox will be chasing the following players this offseason:

Carl Crawford
Zack Greinke
Prince Fielder (!?!)
Jayson Werth
Adrian Beltre (Duh...)
Adrian Gonzalez (Double Duh...), and
Matt Kemp

What? No Cliff Lee?

Everyone is just conceding Lee to the Skanks. I sure hope it doesn't go down that way. Or at least not that easily.

For a much better take on snookie, check out the recent South Park take on the Jersification of America. F'in hilarious.

and I'm thinking for that hot stove report thing, they just ran out of blanks to fill in with players that any reasonable team would target. Pretty sharp analysis coming out of Yahoo. Cant believe I have ever been able to follow the game without them

Is this taking commitment to politics too far?

*** Weds. 10/27 update ***

Taking today off and too lazy to drag out the trolley or vacation computer or Lisa.

Have a restful day, h.b.

Wish I could do the same (stupid clients, expecting me to show up for work in order to get paid... grr!)

I'm going to spend the day scrapbooking and sewing throw pillows.

I meant taking a day off from writing the creepy strip. I still have to work the career, bill-paying job just like the rest of you.

I'm still going to scrapbook and sew throw pillows today. The hell with "the boss," and "the paycheck" and "the job." I'm going to be free as a bird!

(Yeah, right. I can't even take my RealDoll out of the credenza at work without getting a reprimand.)


That's what the removable vagina is for.

Brilliant! I didn't know it was removable. Just thought she had RealSyphillis.

Oh, jeebus, that's a great mental image on the way to my next client. Syphilitic RealDolls. Cheers, guys. :)

Sox can kiss the AL east goodbye if the Skanks get Lee. At least they will not be able to win a game in that Godawful new stadium. At least with the present line-up. Crawford would not help.

All this talk of removable vaginas and syphilitic Real Dolls makes me longful for Dr Cunty.

BTW, 6 years ago today Mr. Foulke picked up a grounder and threw it to first, thus turning oct. 27 into the first day of the rest of our lives.

Happy Anniversary darlings!!

In other news, Mrs. Cliff Lee was heckled and spat upon at Skankee Stadium during the ALCS. Mr. Cliff Lee says it will have no affect on his free agency decision.


Nice recall, Jeff. Remember the full moon?

"Stabbed by Foulke..."

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