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Working for tips

Well, if we're not going to be in the postseason then maybe we can get Lestah to 20 wins and give him a good shot at the Cy...




Au contraire. Putting the CHB being a pay-only firewall would a good thing, a very good thing.


Seriously. He would be totally disappeared.


Absolutely. When I want to pay for deception and condescension I much prefer a table dance from a winsome gal named Destiny with a spray on tan and modest implants.



Really? I just pay my taxes

Hah, good one, Jeff.

Reminds me of when I went to my first gentlemen's establishment. Monday night was 18+ night at.....It's Big, It's Purple, iittt's, The Fuzzy Grape. guy working the door was a scary, wiry old vet. Good times.

I don't know if he can lapdance, but CHB's nickname among friends is The Lovely Ginger.

At least I'll still get my full dose of Amalie from Twitter.

hb- feel as though there's a lost opportunity in today's strip for a "Save Timmy" link. :)

Well, this is a bittersweet Friday. Bitter, because come Monday, there'll be no Red Sox baseball. Sweet, because come Monday, there'll be no Dice-K or bullpen throwing a baseball.

Well, have a great weekend all. Hopefully we'll have something fun to yak about on Monday. (Which is only 134 days from the next Truck Day.)

I'm picturing bob with a calander, the tip of his tongue sticking out, counting the days til truck day with his index finger. The beer cart arrives. Bob says 'doh!' and starts again. An hour later he takes a guess at at 134 and posts his comment.

Meanwhile it's a perfect spring day in Melbourne and just 5 hours til the first bounce in the grand final replay. CARN 'PIES

Oh and I just got bob's lionel Ritchie comment. He's tge pre-game 'entertainment'. As ever, well played.

Leggs and Eggs!

Whatever happened to the Foxy South Coast? Poor New Bedford.....Gloucester's heroin addicted brother...

Delerious down under


Can't talk...literally, can't talk.

congrats, sdu! wearing the cap today with pride. You'll have to send along some championship versions. None of that lame-ass "Wild Card champions" swag for Collingwood

Good on ya,Maggies!!! Congrats Peter ;)

Thanks guys. Proof the soxaholix were represented at the game:


Nice, Peter.

Oh ya, the season ended today.



Season ended but we knocked the Yanks out of first so there's that then

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