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People in motion people in motion

I confess to not following the NL, so when I saw Tim Lincecum on my HD flat screen last night I was like "will you look at this fucking hipstah!"


Yeah, it's like am I watching MLB or the baseball playing vampires from Twlight?


Whoa, dude, could you, you know, keep your Twilight fetish in the closet... there's no place for that here.


Yeah, I can just see Mike queuing in line for the tix to midnight opening with a bunch of 12 year old girls and their moms.


Yeah, guy, want me to call IT and see if they can put a Twilight screen savah on your computer?


So it's a sad fucking day in Boston when I'm taking shit from you two clowns.


Don't make me go all Rand Paul supportah on your SWPL asses.


Heh, would that be a "RandJob"?


And by the friggin way that instigating chick who got stomped should be grateful... that RandJob was the closest she's gotten to foreplay in like forevah.


You know it's only a mattah of time before the Googlestoppo bust in here and drag you off and then cleanse your very existence from the intahwebs, right?


My resplendence has no bitch.



H.B. takes a day off, then gives us a classic.

Kind of like Ron Jeremy saving it up for a great money shot.


Classic, h.b. Yesterday's rest obviously did you (and us) a world of good.

"Rand job"...it is to laugh.

Can I get a Squealy Gobbler with that??

What a gyp, what a letdown...as the mainstream media rages against the dying of the light (or the hope?) I see CURBSTOMP flashing everywhere and I wanted to see some Edward Norton in American History X action: That was more like a "curb introduction" vs. a stomp. Nothing's worse than unfulfilled bloodlust: just ask LouClinton.

nice, HB. I think Doug would like Lincecum...mainly for his affinity for taking pulls from his 3ft bong. Proto-typical SF pitcher.

Hey, Wake won the Clemente Award. Good for him.


It's true that dude is a hipstah dufus but he has that budha like calm that all the great ones have (or fake). I love it when the other guy gets a hit and he spits, looks about the crowd and somehow you know that inside he's thinking 'oh boy is this great'. Pedro circa 1999 like. No matter how hard they try - and they try very hard - Buck & Dickhead can't spoil the world series.

Great strip btw.

@ Jason O - but where is louclinton?

Did anybody here Rand Job over and over again in that second video instead of Rand Paul. So funny.

Danno booked. RIP...

Rand Paul, Rand Paul, Rand Paul, Rand Paul, Rand Paul, Rand Paul, Rand Paul, Rand Paul, Rand Paul, Rand Paul, Rand Paul, Rand Paul, Rand Paul, Rand Paul, Rand Paul, Rand Paul, Rand Paul, Rand Paul.

Stepford Wives get out the vote.

Oh when Soxdownunder,
goes marching in,
When SDU fucking marches in:
I want to be in that number,
When SDU goes marching in...

@J-O; you're funny.

Danno lives on in Jimmy Caan's kid...

Nigerian Prince?

LOL! Good, Bob.

I too believe that my personal potential hasn't quite reached a superb degree...have to get rid off the RealDoll methinks.

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