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On travel...

Your omniscient author in absentia:
I'm headed out and about for a couple days. See you back here on Monday.



I hear good things about Out and About. Swim-up bar, legal ganja, good jerk chicken.

Have fun.

Look at all those people holding their farts in until the cabin door closes. Enjoy your flight.

I sit in that second seat every week waiting for my flight out of Birmingham.

I'll see it again today on my way home early for the SECOND wedding in the last three months. Saturday my beautiful girl gets married to one VERY lucky guy. Wish them well and raise a toast to Jessica and Bill Saturday evening if you happen to have a cool one handy.

And if you wouldn't mind, say a quick prayer for a return to health of my bank account. The poor thing's on life support and the current prognosis isn't good.

Cheers, everyone.

cool, I got a £5 ticket to Lodz out of Liverpool tonight on RyanAir. I may never come back

I hope your flight goes better than Bob Saget's.

Congrats Rob. At least we don't have to pay dowrys anymore!

Ryan Air - cheap flight right up until you get to the ticket counter. "Oh, you wanted a seat on the flight? That'll be any extra 12 pounds please..."

BTW, you'll all be pleased to know that whomever it was that so offended Jobu this season has apparently moved from Boston to Green Bay, WI. Two starters on the PUP, two more starters about to go on IR (i.e., done for the year), and 12 other players on this week's injury report, including the QB. Jeeesh...

Congrats, Rob!

Next Thursday...21st...Bruins opening night. Anyone for pre-game drinks somewhere near Causeway? In addition to my brother my son will be with me. So it'll just need to be someplace that a 16 year-old can go into. We often do McGanns.

count me in, VTr. Mrs BWF too. and maybe MY brother

Rob, congrats! "raise a toast to Jessica and Bill Saturday evening if you happen to have a cool one handy" If you HAPPEN to have one handy?!? Around this creepy site, what are the chances?

Excellent BWF! Gonna be a fun night. Anyone else?

HB - have fun on the islan...I mean out and about. Guess HB is really a Canadian.

Congrats again to Rob.

And if anyone needs more Chilean type of excitement the Guardian has a live blog of JH's attempt to buy Liverpool. http://www.guardian.co.uk/football/blog/2010/oct/14/liverpool-fc-sale-live-coverage

riveting. truly.

I wanna have drinks near the Causweay (whatever that is) and watch the hockey but, alas, I am far, far away.

Congrats to Rob - I'll definately drink to Jessica & Bill on Saturday. As to your bank balance, you'll just have to work harder, won't you?

Congrats Rob & safe flight. Also I think what your bank account needs is a good opium den and a few silky hookers. Then it won't care that it's empty and flaccid.

I think my wedding cost $2000 total...

That included a dress (which my mum insisted upon because I'm an only child) and about $1000 worth of booze.
I was back in my jeans & Sox hat by 6. Back out of it by 8, but that's a story for another website.

I thought out and about was declared unconstitutional?

Only if you forget the fuzzy kitten and your pink polka-dot boxer shorts Buck. Other than that, sail on, Cap'n!

Haircut day! I think I'm going to get a Beiber. I'll look just like Rip Torn (without the moustache).

Sorry, make that Rip Taylor. (Shouldn't the comic be named Rip Torn and the actor be Rip Taylor?)


No Bob,I think Rip Torn was correct ;D

Just kidding,Big guy ;))

Anybody going to hang out with Barack tomorrow? Just curious.

Harwich, anybody who breaks into a bank thinking it's his own house is okay by me.

Makes me feel young:


Funny, SDU, I was just looking at a Global Knife Set on eBay, from a seller in Australia. Fantastic knives BTW. Anyway, the difference between the Australian $ and the USD was just a couple of cents.

Off to get my hair Rip Taylored. Have a great weekend all. Hopefully we'll have something fun to yak about on Monday.

Bob, the day after

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