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Nightmare scenarios

Wait a second, Ben Affleck and Matt Damon, two actahs, are going to possibly play Yankees in a movie and that somehow translates to a "nightmare scenario" for Red Sox fans?


Do the people who write that shit actually know any Red Sox fans?


Because I couldn't give a rat's ass what Ben Affleck does.


Seriously, Affleck and Damon and their collective broodmares could decide to join the fucking Taliban and I'd be like, "Anyone up for nahari with naan for lunch?"



Well, there's that and the fact that Affleck and Damon have been paht of the Hollywoodifaction of Fenway and the consequent ubiquity of the pink hat crowd.


Absolutely. The celebrity "fan" crowd has turned Fenway into just another paparazzi pit stop.


"Oh look, Sprinkles Cupcakes, Lady Gaga dressed in meat, Katy Perry's tits, the Green Monstah!"


Yeah, the true nightmare scenario is the turning of Red Sox Nation into a Red Sox Monarchy led by a royal family of celebrity fans.


"The lowly working class fans are hungry? Let them eat lobster bisque."



Mmmmm, lobster bisquick.

Wait, what?

The movie does have potential - Fritz Peterson and Mike Kekich. Talk about a Triple Crown of personal lives. No ballplayer will ever again swap wives, kids, and dogs with another ballplayer. This record will stand the test of time.

Where have you gone,Jim Bouton?? Our nation turns it's lonely eyes to you ;O

The trade was lose-lose for those Skankees. The wives were ultimately put on waivers, then sent down to service Double A players.

I, for one, welcome Katy Perry's tits to Fenway. Makes up for Heidi's nun getup.

I'm good with the celebs liking the sox. Gotta be a fan of someone. But writing about how "the fans" are going to feel about them playing yankees is stupid. They are actahs ferchrisakes.

You mean Damon isnt really a rogue secret agent assasin?

Affleck isnt really a douchebag who failed his senior year and goes around wacking freshman boys on the ass with his paddle? oh, wait.

Talk about your ironic nightmare scenarios...check out what the retards at Boston.com posited in one of their stupidity-on-display slideshows. If you think that's hilarious, check out the next idea they had at slide #12...

RIP Dame Joan

It's true, the chick knew very little about baseball but she sure as shit could sing:

SDU fucking rules for recognizing Dame Joan Sutherland. Even though Birgit Nilsson and Corelli were my fave Met opera duo from that period. Do you understand? SDU Rules.

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