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Wow, I've gotta tip the cap to Cliff Lee. The guy is a postseason monstah.


Yeah, I'd by lying if I said I wasn't a little jealous of Rangers fans. There's nothing like the feeling of being led into Octobah on the back of an undeniable ace.


Absolutely. And even when in the end you don't win it all, just having that one guy to rally around is phenomenal. Remembah Petey in '99? OMFG.


And when you do win it all on the back of a stud ace... Un.Buh.Lievable.


Damn, I can't believe '07 seems so fah away now.


Seriously. I know they say "time is a cruel mistress" and all...


But I didn't know they meant that time was a "get on your knees, slave, and lap up my urine" cruel mistress kinda cruel mistress.


I swear if my great great grandkids have to one day enduah chants of "Two-thousand seven!" I'm going to rise from the grave as a zombie and staht eating brains.


Will that be targeted zombie-on-the-living action or just indiscriminate cahnage?


Well, ah, I hadn't really thought it through.


See that's just it isn't it? The whole problem with a zombie uprising is it's all just "Brain! Brain! Yom Yom Salt Yum."


I mean there's no planning, no coordinated attack, no end game, nothing.


OK, "Zombie Manny vs Zombie Being Manny," who wins?


Wait, wait, is eithah zombie on the preggahs hormone?



lets see... If Zombie Being Manny was the smiley version, he would win becuase Zombie Manny wouldnt be able to find him hiding in the pisser in the Green Monstah. If ZBM were the bitchy one, ZM wins because ZBM never takes his fuckin teefs off his shoulder to fight. And ig ZM is on the preggahs he knocks ZBMs head into next week with one swing of the lead pipe he picked up out of the gutter (you know, the one always lying around the city streets once the Zombies come out).

Doesnt really matter though. In this fight of eating brains, they both starve.

Zombie Manny Being Manny would go to the D.R. and eat his grandmother's brain. Zombie Manny would eat the traveling secretary's brain. It's a push.

Would either Zombie Manny break out the grille???

Didn't Manny sell his grill on eBay? :)

He was tryin' ;)

As much as I like post-season baseball, it takes a while to get caught up in it when the Sox are not a part of it. Watched the end of the game last night and am ready to enjoy the rest of the season. Poor Rays. Just when they were beginning to sell out games. Also thought Nolan Ryan looks like a heart attack waiting to happen.

I kind of liked it when Kelly "I can make sure your pitch hits me" Shoppach blew the throw to 3rd allowing the go ahead run. What a putz.

"In this fight of eating brains, they both starve." -- Good one, Jeff!

Here's how wistful I was last night: it made me happy just to see Shill talking about Lee's gem on BBTN. I went to bed happy hearing him say he thinks the Texans will beat the Yanks. Heh.

Then I thought about this year's Sox and slept like a baby. You know: cried all night and wet the bed.

But if the zombie is named Ditka then all bets are off...

Zombies aside. And I love a good zombie movie. Or any Zombie movie for that matter.

Can Texas beat the Skanks? I'm not real confident that they will win more than 2-games.

Go Phillies!

Send the Zombies to Chile-they're looking for miners

ZM vs. ZBM is I think one of those metaphysical questions that are unanswerable. Besides, it make MY brain mushy when I think of either.

I think the Rangers have a pretty good chance. The Skanks were only 1-4 in Texas this year and they've struggled against lefties. Go Rangers.

Eating brains and lapping up urine - sounds like a James Joyce (not the umpire) novel I know.

(Go Giants)

So we've go one vote each for the Rangers, Phillies and Giants to take the big trophy home. What? No one's going for the Yanks? I'm shocked! Yom, Yom- SHOCKED! ;)

The question is moot. I get the car!

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