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"Crude and indecent" (but what, no love for 'creepy'?)

I've got nothing this morning, guy.


Are you kidding me? It's so dead around here that I find myself wanting to be heckled by Barney Frank's boyfriend just for the titillative potential.


Is it me or does it feel like the 2010 season didn't really happen?


I mean I know I was there for it, but the memories are fleeting and empty.


Yeah, it's like a night with a RealDoll. It happened but it's uncomfortably unsatisfying.




Dead on, H.B. Except I find the RealDoll to be comfortably unsatisfying.

Oh, man, Bob, that is a better way to put it.

Damn you Mad Men and your way with words! LOL.

and he has great pipes.

Wow. $6000? But I guess when you get to choose whether the vagina is permanent or removable, you gotta pay.

Did I just violate a policy by using the word vagina? Or would it be the concept of removability that is crude?

$6K for a RealDoll(tm)? Way too much. I bought Heidi Spencer for $25 and a 4-pack of Zima.

Do they still make Zima?

Holy crap! I think the CRAZIER thing about the particular page that Google complained about is the comments from the past week or two directed at Jason O!

Go check them out.

Evidently, it was a confluence of Bob linking the Liverpool fans to that particular strip combined with J.O. in the comments intimating that they had something to do with the crush/collapse at Hillsborough.

J.O., if I were you, I wouldn't go anywhere near Liverpool. They want your head, man. Wow.

Holy shniekey. I hope my simple link with Liverpool doesn't get J.O. K.O.ed.

Wow again. I quit reading that night after Bob's detour comment had me laughing as I turned it off for the night . Looks like I missed a whole episode of Total Drama Island.

2010....I don't think it happened at all, and a bad feeling that the MFY will come back and win this series.

If you're in the area, Vermonter and I will be at McGann's about 5 for some pregame imbibing. First round's on him (I think I can safely say that since he HAS to be on the road by now. Doesn't he??)

Ah, bwf, wish I were there, but alas am finishing up four days of intensive meetings in Amsterdam (yes, hb, I know I am wasting the opportunity by not getting high and/or checking out the sex shops, but I didn't want to hurt your AdSense rating by sharing!)

Ahahahahaha, re: the Liverpool thing, Kaz. I LOVE it when one of us makes an ill-advised statement and it brings the world together. Pseudo, you must agree, hilarious to see UK football fandom so nicely intersect with Yanks fan hatred, eh?

Football love and hate over here is sometimes different ends of the same beast.

It's still hilarious to that the hubby (new to the Sox love as I have said) now mutters *asshole* under his breath whenever he sees that damn NY hat. Just a little bit of football transference, methinks.

pseudo - that's just awesome! You've trained your padawan well. Let the fight against the Evil Empire continue. Heh!

i demand sexual tips or advice.

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