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A pause...

Your omniscient author in absentia:
Let's pause to transition into the offseason. (Said another way: I need to have some routine service done on my car and will be thrown off my normal schedule.)



Is this the pause that refreshes, or depresses?

Well, I showed up at the car shop with an expired insurance card which meant 1) no state inspection 2) no loaner car.

So back again tomorrow to try again.

I'd say that's leaning toward "pause that depresses" for me at least.

Well Mahts-how's that AL East thing workin' out for you??? bwahahahaha

Well the MFYs will easily advance to the ALCS since the Twinkies usually roll up in the playoffs. Yearly car inspections? Glad to hear that scam is still going strong in the state.

I'm predicting Twins-Giants in the World Series.

The viewership will be ENORMOUS...ly underwhelming.

I'd like to see the Braves go on a surprise run and send Bobby Cox into retirement with another World Series win.

If it was Braves-Rays, would anyone in the southeast care?

Good point Jeff.

They totally milk the yearly inspection thing here, yazbread. Google MOT, and see the lovely ways they screw us here in the UK. Loverly.

pseudo - The guys from Top Gear take on the Ministry of Transportation all the time. I get the biggest kick out of the myriad ways they bring the MOT down a few rungs.

As we pause in life's pleasures and count its many tears
Let us all taste the hungers of the poor.
There's a song that will linger forever in our ears:
Hard times, come again no more.

Oops, just in case it wasn't clear from my comment yesterday, today (Tues.) will be a deja vu all over again.

Did everyone hear about this?


My fav part:

"Mayor turned, looked at the officer, removed the knife from his jacket, and threw it into the woods,’’ Sergeant David Galdenzi said in the statement.

Brilliant. Just like his gold-plated medallion.

Attempted murder over a baseball rivalry? Good God.

Puts to mind the chowdah / "shou-dair" argument from South Park.

Rob, that was The Simpsons.

South Park was too busy talking to magical Christmas poo.

Well at least the Pats made the transition from baseball a little easier to bear.

True, yazbread. The end of the Dolphin's game was like a French movie: Fin.

Knocking the Skanks out of 1st may have given them an easier route to the ALCS. Mauer is out and I don't see the Twinkies beating CC. Hopefully the Rays having HFA will help them overcome in the next round.

Phillies Rays rematch with Tampa prevailing this time around.

But I would hate to have to be the one stuck cleaning up the TV announcers booth after that non stop Brady spooge fest to end the game.

"I want to be Tom Brady."
"I want Tom Brady to bukake me."

And we think the media ball washes Jeter and A-Rod?

It ain't Howard Cosell's NFL anymore.

Two words: "This guy".

@Scott - I thought Morneau was out, not Mauer (?).

Either way, probably not going to matter much.

Dammit, Kaz. You're right (again...) It was The Simpson's.

"Say it, Frenchy! Chowdah."

speaking of ball washing, have you seen the new ad for the Axe Detailer?

It actually tops the latest ads for the Schick Quattro Trimstyle which was pretty damn hilarious.

look em up - the ads are on you tube.

Jeff - very funny.

How about MY ball sack?

By the way, I know it's ESPN and all, but I'm planning to be in front of the tube next Tuesday night for this.

And by next Tuesday night, of course I mean TONIGHT...

I cannot believe I am actually typing this, but last night, I DID miss Howard Cosell. Dandy Don. Frank "Johnny Walker" Gifford. I also miss college football broadcasts with Chris Schenkle, Keith Jackson and the inestimable Frank Broyles with his thick as gumbo southern accent..."Huushel Wawhka...to think, Keith...he's only a soph-oh-moh!" When football broadcasters were men.

Ron Jaworski in Euro-trash designer glasses ...chrissakes.

Er, I know I'm a bit late to the party, but is that what they're actually marketing to men these days?

'OMG! I can't clean my balls with soap and water! I need a special scrubby poufy thingy to do it for me!'

I know there might be the odd man out there who enjoys the collection of Dorito dust and the '82 scrote stank that adds just the right bouquet to his pubes- & I appreciate a groomed man as much as the next woman, but that is truly ridiculous.

Have men fallen so far that they are no unable to wash their plums with a simple bar of soap and a face cloth (or their wife/girlfriend's scrubby poufy thingy)?

Funny...but ridic.

Personally, pseudo, I use a fine grit sandpaper, followed by a buffing with an emory cloth. It works well for lots of things. But that's just me...

Scrubby, poufy thing? We don't need no scrubby, poufy thing!

Uh oh. Here come the buffing the ball-sack jokes.


Like most cleaning jobs, if you are keeping up with routine maintenance, soap and water would seem to be adequate.

However, if you have been dragging your balls around a dirty wet tennis court or somehow managed to actually get ground in grass stains on the boys, then maybe a fella would need to step up to a professional cleaning system?

Having never actually grass stained my balls, I can only postulate a guess.

Or you could get famous and get a sportscaster to clean them for you. either way.

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